May 102010

Microsoft has a free Internet Connectivity evaluation tool that you can use to test your internet connectivity status and what features apart from the basic connectiviy that your router which connects you to Internet provides.

This is quite useful tool and unfortunately only on Internet Explorer browser. It installs as a browser addon and runs from the browser so no installation is required.

The checks the tool performs are as follows:

1. Basic Conenctivity test (connect to a Microsoft server)

2. Network Address Translation (NAT) test – check ths NAT capabilities of the router. This is more for IPv6 applications which may not necessarily require support on for IPv6

3. Traffic Congestion Tests – Typically checks for packet losses

4. TCP High performance test – checks Window scaling capabilities of the routers

5. UPnP Support test – when hosts behind NATed routers try to communicate through the UPnP service. This requires UPnP service running locally on the system

6. Multiple Simultaneous connection test – creates 80 HTTP connections to remote servers and keeps alive for over 2 minutes to check the routers reliability.

Finally, when the checks are run and complete, provides a detailed report of the checks and the corresponding results.

Click here to visit the Microsoft online Internet Connection Evaluation test.

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  4 Responses to “Microsoft Online Internet Connection Evaluation Tool”

  1. Why is the Internet Connectivity Evaluation Tool no longer available?
    People do not appreciate being redirected to a “get to know windows 8″ page rather than the tool we were looking for, following a link on Microsoft’s own site.
    Please email me with a real link to the tool instead of the 3 different no longer working links I followed on Microsoft’s site. I need this tool!

    • No kidding!!! Windows 8 is the biggest joke in an OS! I bought my last windows product with the last laptop purchase in 2008! Why do think APPLE sells more products now more than ever! Microsoft had Windows 7 that was awesome than gave up with 8. Two people came up with Windows 8 in one night!

  2. why did you remove the w7 internet tester? PUT IT BACK! I just got a new machine with w7 & I am not interested in widows 8 now (it is major ugly & is different from what i have at work)

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