Jan 302008


Are you an Administartor? Are you someone who connects to multiple servers, devices,consoles remotely? Do you work on multiple platforms? then this is for you!!!

mRemote is a free Opensource all-in-one console software for Windows XP & Windows Vista. mRemote is released under opensource GPL license and hence free.

mRemote is a simple console interface (imagine an MMC with multiple snap-in) which allows you connect to multiple devices, servers, consoles from one single place. mRemote can support

RDP(default) to connect to Windows Servers

SSH, Telnet, Rlogin for remote linux,unix,solaris, switches,routers,firewalls (infact any device that support SSH or Telnet)

RAW, HTTP,HTTPS, Citrix (ICA) connections

mRemote has a simple tabbed interface with multiple sessions all active at any given time. Configuration is as simple as adding folders and connections to each of these folders. Once you add and make a change all settings get saved. Can make multiple config files and load them at any given time. And all menus are dynamic and Dragn Drop capable.

mremote console

For a more detailed list of features and system requirements, please check here

mRemote community is very active at the moment and the tool itself is in early days even though its already feature rich.

Download mRemote from herezp8497586rq


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