Feb 042009

MF Shutdown Manager is a simple tool that allows you to schedule actions such as Shutdown, Restart, Standby/Wake-Up, Hibernate/Wake-up, Log off, Alarm, Monitor On/Off, Cleanup (delete private Windows and browser data), Lock Workstation and Launch File. These tasks can also be accomplished with the Windows Task Manager. However, MF Shutdown Manager is easier to use. If you only have to do one of these tasks every now and then, you will be faster with this free utility.

There is a free and a full edition available for download. Only the full edition supports Wake-Up features. Both editions are still in beta and the programmer has not yet published the price for the full edition. The tool was last updated six months ago. Perhaps, there will never be a final version. I experienced no problems when I tried MF Shutdown Manager. It seems to me that the full edition has no time restrictions.

What I like about the tool is its Relative Mode. It allows you to configure a countdown for a specific task. For instance, you can tell MF Shutdown Manager to change to Hibernate Mode in one hour, wake-up again two hours later, and launch a certain program. Unfortunately, you can’t tell MF Shutdown Manager to repeat an action within a certain time interval. This was the feature I was looking for. Perhaps you know such a tool? MF Shutdown Manager supports the scheduling of actions for a specific date and time. But this Absolute Mode also lacks the ability to schedule repeating tasks.

Multi Function Shutdown Manager Features

  • Shutdown, restart, standby, hibernate, Log Off, and Lock Workstation at any specified Date or after specified period of time.
  • Power-On from Standby( S3 ) or Hibernation ( S4 ) at any specified Date or after specified period of time.
  • Customizable Wake-Up Alarm clock functionality, with the ability to change the Tone and the Alarm duration.
  • Delete your private data with just a few clicks.
  • Make your life more comfortable by turnnig the Display( Monitor ) Off/On at any specified Date or after specified period of time.
  • Launch media files, scripts, macros, internet shortcuts and Dialup shortcuts at any specified Date or after specified period of time.
  • Different Tray Icons depending on program state.

Download MF Shutdown Manager From Here




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