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Installing or Re-installing an Operating System is not a very pleasant task and Windowss Operating Systems are no exceptions. In Windows, whats more even frustrating would be to install the Service Packs, the Critical & Security updates that was released after the version that you currently have on your CD and comes the applications. Unlike Linux, Microsoft doesn’t offer recent builds which means everytime you install, you need to go through the whole process.

For a System Administrator with 100s of systems???

Luckily, we have nLite, a Windows installation customizer. nLite is a free Deployment tool which allows you to create a custom installation CD with the Service Packs, Security Updates, Hotfixes, Critical updates and build into the installation. This process is called Slip Streaming. Not only these updates, nLite can now integrate a lot of applications that you would have to otherwise install from the scratch. For a list of applications that can be added to the custom build can be found here

What more? all these can be completely unattended.

nLite is very simple and easy to use for even a novice user and highly customisable for Advanced administrator.

nLite Options nLite Add remove components nLite application integration

Features of nLite include:

Integrate Latest Service Packs (includes Service Pack 3 Release candidates)

Integrate Hotfixes, Patches, Critical & Security updates

Integrate Drivers for hardware

Tweak and Fine tune installation like Startup and Services

Remove components that are not required to be installed (like Games)

Completely unattended install builds

Create Bootable ISO images or burn directly to media

Once you fire up nLite, it offers options that can be selected as per you need (say just select Service Packs,Hotfixes,Pacthes & Drivers). If your source installation is on a CD or DVD then it can pick up the image and copy it to a directory on th system.

nLite currently supports Windows 2000,Windows XP & Windows 2003 including the 64-bit versions. Windows Vista is not supported however, the author has not given up on you guys…He has got vLite for you. Early days but looks good.

nlite in action

Gone are the days when I used to mess around with the unattended installation files etc. nLite can create almost a one-click installation media which can save you all the hassle of installing applications patches and drivers. For more informtaion and download,click here

A great fantastic tool to create hassle free custom installation CDs!!!!

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  1. i m adding the application while adding after installing the
    file it asking something edit seesion.ini…………..what is the problem

  2. I need this software.

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