Oct 152009

PortableApps.com app suite is a free software suite that can transform your USB drive into an instant portable computer. You can plug your USB key with PortableApps.com app suite into any Windows computer and should be up and running with all Docs, emails, spreadsheets and Internet with your favorite applications with all work saved onyour USB without leaving a trace on the host computer.

PortableApps.com suite comprises of free opensource portabler applications packed togethor to transform the way you work. It has a nice built-in start menu and a backup and some default components which is packed into its different app suites.

Portableapps menu

Portableapps menu

Applications included are (all portable editions),

Mozilla Firefox for web browsing
Mozilla Thunderbird for email
Mozilla Sunbird for calendar/tasks
Pidgin for instant messaging
ClamWin Portable antivirus
Sumatra PDF reader
KeePass Password Safe password manager
Sudoku and Mines-Perfect Portable games
CoolPlayer+ audio player
OpenOffice.org office suite (Standard app suite only)
AbiWord Word processor (replaces openoffice in Lite app suite)

PortableApps.com app suites come in three variants,

1. Platform only version which has only the PortableApps start menu, backup and default components

2. Lite suite has all applications with the exception of OpenOffice office suite as it is replaced by AbiWord word processor

3. Standard Suite has all applications with the exception of Abiword as OpenOffice is used to provide full Office suite.

Click here to download the version of your choice

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