Mar 152008

Privoxy is a free opensource Non-Caching Proxy with advanced filtering capabilities for enhanced online privacy blocking ADs, Banners etc and content not suited for children (parental control). Privoxy is based on the free Opensource Internet Junk Buster.

Privoxy is easy to install and requires little to no configuration changes necessary. Install Privoxy and it automatically starts and listens on port 8118.

Privoxy - Free Online privacy tool block ADs Banners

Again, all you need to do is to change the proxy settings on your browser to IP address of the system running Privoxy or localhost (if its your pc) and port 8118. Check here to alter proxy settings in Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Privoxy can be run on your local PC for personal use or can be run a system to support multiple PCs in a network. Privoxy blocks Ads, Banners and advert images. However, there will always be something that needs to be altered like content blocked that should have been allowed or vice versa.

Privoxy maintains

A Main configuration file

A Default Action file

A User Action file

A Filters file

Privoxy - Free Online privacy tool console
While Main configuration file and Default Actions file hold configuration and default actions (as the name implies), “User Action” file is an action file that takes precendence over the  “Default Action” file. This is to ensure any updates made by the user is not wiped (if made in Default Action file)

A good documentation is available online from Privoxy website with clear instructions. But, as I said, little to no change is necessary and should be performing out of the box.

The latest stable version available for download is 3.0.8 and can be downloaded here

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