Jan 182008

Process Lasso is a unique new technology intended to automatically adjust the allocation of CPU cycles so that system responsiveness is improved in high-load situations. It does this by dynamically temporarily lowering the priorities of processes that are consuming too many CPU cycles, there-by giving other processes a chance to run if they are in need. This is useful for both single and multi-core processors. No longer will a single process be able to bring your system to a virtual stall.

In addition, Process Lasso offers capabilities such as default process priorities, default process CPU affinities, termination of disallowed processes, and logging of processes executed. With Process Lasso you essentially create rules to manage processes running on your system.

Technical Features

  • For Windows 2000, XP, 2003, and Vista x32 and x64.
  • Automatically manage process priorities to improve system responsiveness and prevent stand-stills.
  • Configure processes to always start at a desired priority.
  • Configure processes to always start at a desired CPU affinity (new).
  • Auto-terminate undesirable processes.
  • Log all executed processes.
  • Available in native x86 32 and 64 bit binaries for optimal performance under Windows x64 platforms.
  • Includes TweakScheduler utility to fine-tune NT scheduler parameters.
  • Backend uses native NT APIs for process management, resulting in extremely efficient operation — more so than competing products utilizing the psapi or toolhelp APIs.
  • Written in C/C++, resulting in minimal resource consumption. We’ve worked hard make sure Process Lasso consumes as few resources as possible.
  • The core functionality is isolated into a non-interactive process and configuration stored in an INI file.

Download Process Lasso

You can download Process Lasso from here

Sample screenshot


Make notepad.exe run at below normal priority each time its launched.

Make firefox.exe run only on CPU #1 each time its launched.

When any process is consuming 35% or greater of the CPU for 1.5 seconds or more and the total system CPU usage is 95% or greater, lower that process’s priority until it returns to 5% CPU utilization.

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