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Predator is a cool security software for your Windows PC or Laptop. Predator locks your PC or Laptop while you are away from your desk and releases when your are back all with the help of a USB Key just the way your front door key works. You simply remove the USB key while you walk away from your desk and Predator will instantly disable the keyboard, mice, screen and the system Task manager. When you insert the USB Key back in, you are back in and ready to work on it again.

Predator is particularly useful for mobile workers and users who work away from work or office most of the the time.

Features include,

Detailed Security Audit logs

Audbile Alarms on invalid alarms

Broadcast security logs/alerts onto your Twitter account (currently available in the Beta version of the software)

Frequently changes the security key on your USB Key to ensure someone copying your key don’t get access to your system.

Autostart with Windows to ensure your system is protect from the time it starts running

Password access in the event Key is lost

Lost the USB Key???

In the event you lost your USB key, its not all over. When you install and run Predator for the 1st time you will be prompted to set a password. This will eventually become a saviour when you’ve lost the USB Key. Simply hit ENTER for 3 times and a timer controlled password window comes up. Enter the right password before the timer expires and should be in. Enter the wrong password for 3 times or expire the time, you have to wait for another 5 minutes before attempting again.

Courtesy - Predator Project home

Courtesy - Predator Project home

Predator can run on Windows XP (SP1), Windows 2000(SP3), Windows Vista and Windows Server 2003. Predator is free for personal use.

Click here to download Predator.

There is also a detailed FAQ and user guide for the software here.

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