Feb 182008

Microsoft has released a command-line tool named Qfecheck.exe that gives network administrators increased ability to track and verify installed Windows 2000,Windows XP and windows 2003 hotfixes. This tool provides the following benefits:

• This tool helps customers who thought they had properly installed an update, but had not, and are now experiencing a problem. Previously, it was somewhat difficult to identify which fixes were installed on a computer.This simple tool easily enumerates all of the installed fixes by Microsoft Knowledge Base article number. Customers can then confirm that they have installed the appropriate set of fixes before using a valuable support incident and potentially experiencing unplanned down time.

• Many companies identify a common set of fixes that are required for all servers in a given data center. To help ensure that Windows 2000 and Windows XP hotfixes are applied in a consistent manner across many servers, this tool allows you to create logs for each computer in your organization that show which fixes are installed. Once those logs are created, you can easily scan them for consistency.

• There are rare situations in which, because of a network problem, a problem with the update itself, or a subsequent update that improperly overwrites a previous fix, updates could be damaged or removed in error. This tool ensures that not only have the fixes been installed, but that they are current on the computer.

• Microsoft has noted a significant correlation between maintaining a consistent platform across organizations and the overall stability and uptime of those systems. Microsoft believes that using this tool to regularly audit computers is a best practice that will help customers achieve higher reliability on their computers.

Download Qfecheck from here

Using Qfecheck

The Qfecheck.exe Command Syntax

QFECheck can be run on any language version of Windows, but the text output is English only.

QFECHECK [/l[:location] /v /q /?]

/l Log output to <Computername>.log in the current folder
location. Use the specified location to store the
log file.

/v Verbose output

/q Quiet mode

/? This help

Example of Qfecheck Output

Windows 2000 without a service pack or hotfixes installed:
Windows 2000 Hotfix Validation Report for \\WinAdvSrv
Report Date: 1/7/2001 9:9pm

Current Service Pack Level:

Hotfixes Identified:No Hotfixes found on system.

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