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Offline update is not intended to replace the mechanism specified by Microsoft for bringing Windows up to date via Internet. It is intended to provide removable storage media with security updates for PCs, after which they can be brought safely onto the internet. A self-assembled service pack can be quite practical when making “house calls” for acquaintances or clients who lack a broadband internet connection or who have previously been skittish about patching.

The update packet created through the scripts can also be shared over a local network – with the caveat that in the current version the automatic reboot function cannot be used for network installations. Through its WSUS update server, Microsoft offers a more powerful solution for keeping PCs in a larger LAN up to date. The server is used to set in detail just which updates are to be installed on which PC groups. WSUS also reports back which have already been provided.

Our update scripts are superior in several ways to similar solutions circulating on the internet. For starters, “update packs” prepared by third parties (and which Microsoft has in no way authorised) are a dubious source of security updates. Our script by contrast draws updates directly from Microsoft’s internet servers, independently of whether the PC running the download script has been fully patched or not.

Download offline-update from here

If you want to know how to use check here


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  1. How to criate fileserver, backupserver, lotasserver…?

  2. It is wonderful to know that this type of service is at all available. Earlier, I had to rely on Service Engineer’s to solve small problems. Now Your Services relieved me off from such problems and saving time.

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