Feb 102008

RunScanner is a freeware windows system utility which scans your system for all running programs, autostart locations, drivers, services and hijack points.You can use Runscanner to detect changes and misconfigurations in your system caused by spyware, virusses or human errors.

Runscanner Features

100+ start/hijack locations

Online malware analysis

Import and export of .run files

Powerful process killer

Save to text log file

Powerful file filtering

Host file editor

History backup / restore

Explorer jump

Analysis of file certificates

Classic , Beginner, Expert

Bit9 FileAdvisor MD5 lookup

CastleCops MD5 lookup

Upload file to VirusTotal

Analyze loaded modules

Google lookup

Runscanner MD5 lookup

Regedit jump

Download Runscanner from here

Sample screenshot

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