Sep 242008

Satsuki Decoder Pack is an audio/video auto-installable filters and decoder for windows 2k/XP/Vista/2k3 (French, English, Serbian latin, Duch).The purpose of this pack is to decode most of video files.

This pack contain only filters and decoders (with some exeptions), it avoid conflict.This pack is free with no spyware or addware, but please e-mail me if you want to distribute or reference it.


If you already have quicktime installed you don’t need to install Quicktime alternative.

To install the Satsuki Decoder Pack download the Decoder Pack and then launch installation of Satsuki.Decoder.Pack.

If you want to play quicktime files without quicktime installed on your computer, you must install quicktime alternative lite.

This pack can connect itseft to internet while installation to check if a new version is online.

This pack check if a newer version is already installed and if the O.S is compatible.

This pack auto associate the video, audio and dvd files the player of your choise.

Supported formats: mpeg 4, real media, mp1, mp2, mp3, ac3, ape, ofr/ofs, flac, aac/mp4, ogg/ogm, mkv, dvd, xcd, wmv 7/8, vp6, mpc, XVD, h264, as well as flash (FLV, SWF).

Download Satsuki decoder pack from here



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