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Screenshot Captor, as the name implies is a free software (for personal use) to capture screenshots of your PC. While Screenshot Captor is not the same as the  those commercial software which offer highly glossy views and features, Screenshot Captor seems to stand a bit different in the way it hands back the control to the user with the level fine tuning one can do. The default settings are good to work straight out of the box while the fine tunings should definitely impress the advanced users.

Features include,

Optimized and highly configurable for taking lots of screenshots with minimal intervention

Smart autonaming of files, and ability to embed textual comments in files

Good multi-monitor support

Capture modes include Multimon (multiple monitors), Desktop, Active Window, Region, Windows Object with Hotkey for quick access

Unique Cool Effects, including automatic active window enhancement (see pictures below)

Support for 3rd party user configurable tools, including file browsers and image editors; extend the program to do whatever you need by interfacing it with other programs.

Slimline sidebar file browser provides full shell operations

Optional automatic image file versioning

Seamless integration with Unicode Image Maker tool

Automatically finds boundaries of non-rectangular/themed windows

Autoscroll capture for windows too big for screen.

Deluxe thumbnail maker.

Quick PostCapture PopUp Dialog

Quick Screenshot Emailer Menu


Screenshot Captor should just work fine on Windows Vista, Windows XP and earlier versions of Windows. Click here to download Screenshot Captor. Hosted at, once downloaded, you need to register at and generate a free License Key for the software. This one time registration gives you access to any software that you download from there.

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