Aug 162009

SeaMonkey is a free all-in-one internet suite for Windows, Linux & Mac OSX. SeaMonkey is an Internet Browser, an Email Client, A HTML Editor and a IRC Chat client and all under one roof. SeaMonkey project continues to develop and deliver high-quality updates to this Internet Suite concept initially developed and supported by Netscape and Mozilla.

SeaMonkey is powered by Mozilla and uses much of the same Mozilla source code which powers such successful siblings as Firefox, Thunderbird, Camino, Sunbird and Miro.

Features include

Internet Browser with all features from major browsers including tabbed browsing, built-in popup blocker, download manager, security settings etc
Image manager to block or remove images either to remove offensive content or to speedup your page load


seamonkey2 seamonkey3

Fin as you type to highlight text. You don’t need to select Search from menu or “CTRL+F” to find. Simply start typing and you should see any link with the keyword highlighted

Adaptive Junk mail control, Label and mail views, colour code mails by priority, multiple mail account support on email client

Simple HTML Editor

IRCChat client (Chatzilla)

Click here to download SeaMonkey.

There is a Beta 2.0 version that can be downloaded to test the new features here.

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  1. Looks pretty good, though with IRC becoming rapidly outdated I’d guess Seamonkey would require a better USP and quickly if it is to rival Firefox as the leading Mozilla-based browser.

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