Feb 282008

The command-line Runas utility is handy for launching programs under different accounts, but it’s not convenient if you’re a heavy Explorer user. ShellRunas provides functionality similar to that of Runas to launch programs as a different user via a convenient shell context-menu entry.

ShellRunas works on Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, and Windows Server 2008.

Download from here

Using ShellRunas

Usage: shellrunas [/reg | [/quietreg ] | /regnetonly [/quiet] | unreg | [/netonly] <program> <arguments>

/reg – Registers ShellRunas shell context-menu entry

/regnetonly – Registers Shell /netonly context-menu entry

Note: a command prompt will flash when the program starts

/unreg – Unregisters ShellRunas shell context-menu entry

/quiet – Register or unregisters ShellRunas shell context-menu entry without result dialog

/netonly – Use if specified credentials are for remote access only

program> – Runs program with specified credentials and parameters


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  1. How can I register Shellrunas in all user by registering it to my computer only once?
    thanks for your help.

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