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Smart UAC is a clever program developed by Security Stronghold company which automatically replaces UAC (User Account Control) from Windows Vista with a much more powerful and intellectual one. Unlike standard UAC, Smart UAC Replacement will not disturb you with numerous alerts of the good programs you use everyday over and over again. Smart UAC remembers your choice for a given program and will allow or deny it automatically unless you haven't changed your mind or unless the program's executable has changed.

The second great thing about Smart UAC is that it has a large and regularly updated database of more than 400,000 known threats including viruses, trojans, spyware, adware, keyloggers, privacy breakers and even rootkits. Smart UAC will scan each run program and automatically determine in milliseconds if it is known malicious program or a good one without requiring you to decide it yourself as it was with standard UAC.. This way you should just let Smart UAC kill programs which were identified as malicious ones – a

nd the threat will be eliminated.

How Smart UAC works

Once installed, Smart UAC will automatically disable standard UAC. This ensures that no UAC alerts will appear on your desktop (because Smart UAC will replace them with its own ones). However, other useful security features of Windows Vista like DEP (Data Execution Prevention) will remain intact. You will not see standard UAC alerts anymore.

Once some program or Windows component tries to perform some potentially dangerous action, a Blue Alert will appear. At first glance it is quite similar to those of standard UAC. However, when you look a bit closer, you will notice great difference in how Smart UAC displays alerts and handles you response.

Download Smart UAC from here




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