May 302008

If you troubleshoot Windows PCs for fun or profit, then chances are you’ve used one or more tools from Sysinternals.

The new service enables you to execute the most recent version of any Sysinternals tool directly from an Internet-connected PC, without having to hunt for the executable file and manually download it first. To access the complete library of tools, use either of these methods from a Windows-based PC:

Go to the Sysinternals Live directory from and click the name of the tool you want to run. Because the directory listing is a bare-bones HTML file, it can be used in any browser.

If you’ve never used Sysinternals tools before, you’d do well to start at the Sysinternals home page, which includes descriptions of each tool, along with download links and installation instructions. But if you are already familiar with one or more tools in the library, you can create direct shortcuts to those tools on your desktop or on the USB flash drive you keep with your emergency toolkit.

Sysinternals Windows utilities


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