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There are a couple of nifty and free tools that you can install on top of Windows Explorer that can add a few useful and convenient features.

Display the contents of two folders at once in Windows Explorer

FolderBox basically allows you to display the contents of two folders at once by adding an extra pane to the lower part of the Explorer interface. Also, you can configure up to five tabs of “boxes” with additional drives or for your favorite folders and access them with a single click.

Once you install the program, you need to activate it in Windows Explorer by going to View and then Explorer Bar and choosing Folder Box.

You can add more folder boxes to the bottom and configure their default locations by clicking on the FolderBox Options button that’s at the far left.

Download Folderbox from here

Create a new folder in Windows Explorer via a hotkey

The second useful utility is called BxNewFolder and allows you to create a new folder by using a hotkey or by clicking a single button on the toolbar. It’s a very simple extension to Explorer, but it’s so much easier than right-clicking,choosing New and then choosing Folder.

Download Bxnewfolder from here

Quickly configure context menu option Open With for any file type

OpenExpert, which basically takes over the Open With submenu in the Explorer context menu and allows you to configure any filetype with more than one program. By default in Windows Explorer, each filetype can only be associated with a single program and therefore when you right-click and choose Open With…, if you want to use another program, you have to click on More Programs and then choose the other program.

For example, if you have a JPEG graphics file and sometimes you open it in Adobe Photoshop to add some effects, but other times you open it in Corel PhotoPaint to do something else, it would be nice if you could just choose between the two when you clicked on Open With. Using this nifty little app, you can!

You can add an unlimited number of applications for each filetype and you can easily export your settings and import them onto another computer

Download OpenExpert from here

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  1. I installed Folderbox on Vista home basic. The box is a blank grey and useless. Only thing in it is an X to close it. I installed it and am running it in compatibility mode for xp sp2… Have tried other compatibility with 2000 and win98, but that didn’t work either. Any suggestions to get it to work?

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