Jan 202008

Capture and share your screen in video. In just a few clicks, TipCam software records a video of your screen and posts it for sharing. It’s easy and free. Record 5-minute videos to help friends use their computer, train your employees, or help people use your site. Sign up for an account to post any FLV video and control who sees it, or post a video or send a TipMail directly from TipCam. A free account includes 250MB of free storage.

Another unique feature – it is possible record a remote computer screen with TipCam provided that computer is running the VNC server.

Like the Jing Project, TipCamp also provides an online space (250 MB) where your screencast videos are automatically uploaded after production.

While Jing and Camstudio render the desktop screen recording video in SWF format, TipCamp uses Flash Video (FLV) which I always find more convenient especially when the screencast size is more than a few hundred kilobytes.

Download This Tool from Here

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