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FlyakiteOSX is a transformation pack. It will transform the look of an ordinary Windows XP+ system to resemble the look of Mac OS X. The installer simply automates the process of replacing critical system files, setting registry tweaks, and installing extras such as cursors, sounds, visual styles, etc. FlyakiteOSX DOES NOT contain any spyware or ad-ware of any kind. All files needed for FlyakiteOSX are stored in the Windows directory in a folder named ‘FlyakiteOSX’ that is hidden by default. All registry values for FlyakiteOSX are written to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\FlyakiteOSX.


To install FlyakiteOSX, you need the following operating systems

  • Windows XP (Home, Pro, RTM, SP1, SP2, Corporate)
  • Windows 2003 (Standard, Enterprise, Datacenter, Web, RTM, SP1)
  • Windows Media Center Edition (2003, 2004, 2005)
  • All Language Versions
  • Does NOT work with 64 bit versions of Windows!

Install FlyakiteOSX in Windows

Make sure that you have enough disk space to install the program.Now you need to download latest version from here and now you have FlyakiteOSX v3.0.zip file extract and double click on FlyakiteOSX v3.0.exe file

Loading FlyakiteOSX

FlyakiteOSX Welcome Screen click next

Read and Accept the terms and click next

Installation Notes click next

Check the components you would like to install. Default (Create Restore Point, System Files, Extras, Skins, Registry Tweaks) is recommended and will take up 191.8MB of space but you will get the full features. However, you can also customize yourself by ticking off the checkboxes.Choose extra softwares such as RK Launcher ( Allows visually pleasing bar at the side of the screen that is used to quickly launch shortcuts), ObjectDock ( Lets you organize your short-cuts and running tasks onto an extremely customizable dock that sits on your desktop), WinRoll, iColorFolder and Y’z Shadow. Recommended to choose RK Launcher and all three of the above. Click Install and you are done.

FlyakiteOSX Installation in Progress

FlyakiteOSX Installation completed and click next

Select Reboot and click finish

At the time of rebooting you should see similar to the following Boot Screen

Now you can see your new Mac OSX Login Screen

Once you login in to your windows XP system this is your main Screen

My Computer Screen

Internet Explorer Screen

Mac OSx Style Dock Screen

System Preferences Screen

Windows XP control Panel Screen

Windows XP Turnoff and Shutdown Screen

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  10 Responses to “Transform Windows XP/2003 look like Mac OS X”

  1. How do you uninstall it if you want it back to XP again.

  2. Removing the FlyakiteOSX pack is easy. Go to Start Menu > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs and find FlyakiteOSX. Click on Remove and follow the instructions.

  3. I uninstalled it and all the folders icons and battery sing are still the MAC look. How do you get it back to the Windows defult look without having to reinstall Windows.


  4. You need windows xp cd, to restore to original .

  5. have the same problem..could you tell us on how to bring back the original windows Xp format without reformating the whole pc..big thanks for those who can help..

  6. try this

    Removing the FlyakiteOSX pack is easy. Go to Start Menu > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs and find FlyakiteOSX. Click on Remove and follow the instructions.

  7. it is look like Mac.thank you

  8. It looks like the installation file creates a System Restore Point (unless it was UNCHECKED). Can you simply restore your Windows XP system to the point BEFORE FlyakiteOSX was installed? I haven’t installed this program, but this approach makes sense to me. I have both a Mac and Windows PCs and I prefer them to remain separate. Good Luck, Rob.

  9. awsome job, look like mac ty so much, im bored of my xp style xD


  10. i im a vista user (which i feel is very unfortunate after seeing this excellent program) however, i was wondering if there was an alternative version for vista (do not suggest vista os x as i have sp2, and vista os x is not as good as flyakite)
    help would be greatly appreciated.

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