Feb 262008

Some days before, we introduced to you a great tool to transform your Windows XP PC to look and feel like a Windows Vista. Now, it time to your PC into a poor mans Apple MAC. Yes, I just stumbled upon this cool utility that can transform your Windows PC running Windows XP or 2003 into a Apple Mac OSX look alike. Unfortunate, works only on 32-bit editions and 64-bit versions are not supported While its not a Mac OS X as such, you can certainly get a feel of it and I did.

FlyakiteOSX is a free transformation pack to turn your PC into a MacOSX look like. FlyakiteOSX can be downloaded from here. Installation is easy and allows you to create a restore point and choose what modules of the tranformation software to install on your PC. Once done, restart your PC and you are into Mac OSX ;-) next time.

The following are some of the screenshots from my PC after the transformation. Cool tool like the apple boys!!!!

Apple Mac OSX Dock

macosx dock in windows

Control Panel

 Control Panel transformed


Explorer gets Mac OSX look

Start Menu

Mac SOX start menu

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