Oct 302008

TreeSize is a simple but cool utility with little to no overhead on your system to quickly report on ths space utlization of disk(s) in your system. Tree size quickly scans the various folders in the selected drive and then arranges the parent folders in descending order of space usage in explorer style structure so you can navigate down to see the files and folders with the file sizes. TreeSize works in Windows Vista and Windows XP.
The report is good enough for you to understand where the more precious space on your hard disk has gone. It allows you to print the usage in Kilobytes (KB) or Megabytes(MB) or Gigaby

tes(GB). Also, can you easily print the report if need be which I wouldn't recommend as a measure of being eco-friendly ;-)

One of the good feature is that you can open a selected folder in a seperate explorer window.

TreeSize in  detail

There is a professional version for even more colorful features but I would think this free version is good enough for any home user.

TreeSize is simple but effective GUI tool. If I were to rate this tool, I would give it a 8 out of 10!!!!

Click here to visit the project homepage and download the software.


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