Apr 282008

It seems a day for hardware and maintenance of your PC. UltraDefrag is a free open source utility for Windows which alows you to defrag your Hard Disk much faster and cleaner than the native Windows Defrag.

Ultradefrag still uses the Windows defrag API but the difference is that it runs by the kernel mode driver that enhances the performance. Ultradefrag can run on 32 bit and 64 bit versions of hardware platform (Intel & AMD).

There are basically three interfaces for UltraDefrag, a GUI interface with nice color coding, a console as a Command Line Interface (CLI) and a native interface which starts and runs at boot time.

Ultradefrag for Windows in action

Ultradefrag is simple and easy to use, a utility not bloated with unwanted features or the ones you would never use and generate HTML reports for the defrag.

One standout feature is that you can selectively include or exclude files from the defrag process.

UltraDefrag Settings

Download UltraDefrag from Sourceforge here. Expected very slow download response and hence don’t run away thinking the download link is down.

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