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Released in June 2011, VirtuAll User Environment Manager (aka V.U.E.M) is an environment management tool designed for Virtual Desktops but that can also run on traditional desktops.

It’s purpose is to get rid of login scripts that can be really powerfull but hard to maintain and make evolve.

VirtuAll User Environment Manager is provided for free.

As many organizations requested to get support and enhancements, we decided to provide these services through affordable annual enterprise subscription plans with a license, giving them the same benefits as they would find with commercial alternatives.

There are two user license editions that work with unlock codes, one for the community called a Community License and one for each subscriber a support contract, called a Subscriber License.

A Community License is a free version with no support contract, and a Subscriber License is delivered with a Maintenance & Support Package that can be purchased via PayPal for an annual cost of approximately $9 USD per user.

Register for free on the VirtualDesktopsInfo.com site to view VUEM support contracts, access downloads, and participate in the support forums.

To do so, VUEM is able to manage lots of actions like :

Applications Shortcuts
Network Printers
Network Drives
Virtual Drives
Environment variables
Registry Values
Ports (COM / LPT) Mapping
Ini Files Entry
External Tasks Execution
File(s) / Folder(s) Operations
File Associations Management
User DSN Creation

VUEM is also providing utilities improving your virtual desktops users experience :

Fast Logoff
CPU Management
Memory Management
Processes Management

Replace all your login scripts with a centrally managed tool, allowing you to manage all actions the most complex script can do and even more !

VirtuAll User Environment Manager has been designed to provide a new flexible and efficient solution for Virtual Desktops Environment composition.

No more scripts to maintain, only a single console managing the user desktop and even more !

Download VirtuAll User Environment Manager

You can download VirtuAll User Environment Manager from here



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