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Windows Steady State is a powerful tool for Windows XP which allows users to protect the system when is in a shared environment. This is ideal for shared environments like Library/Community computers, Internet Borwsing centers and Cybercafes or even a work group where temporary workers use these shared computers.

Windows Steady state allows you to take control on the PC state and protect damage to the system including the program files, Windows System partitions and protect data on the shared system with features like disabling access to USB devices.

Windows Steady State

The utility is easy and simple to use and doesn’t really need any big expertise from the user.

The features include,

1. Security updates – Very much like Windows Updates but this includes WIndows updates and any other security products installed on the system that windows identifies and also custom scripts which can run to get updates where necessary.

2. Computer Restrictions like, Username in Logon screens, Restrict USB devices, Prevent locked and restricted profiles from access, disable turnoff shutdown options, create files in the root directory (C:\) etc.

3. Protect hard Disk – Allows you to revert any changes made by users after a period of time or at a scheduled time everyday or week. This creates a big cache file (as much as 50% of your hard disk) which caches all changes made on the system. At a specified time, restarts the computer and clears the cached changes on the system.

4. Add users with custom home folders & import/export Users to external files for future use or even use on a different P

This tool when used on a Windows Domain controlled computer give Group Policy precedence over its own settings. This is important for centrally controlled PCs.

Download Windows Steady State from here. Installation is straight forward with a few clicks.

Windows Steady State Restrictions

Windows Steady State updates

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  1. A friend recently installed steadystate on her computer (A Dell Dimension 300. with XP home edition OS) upon restart a user id: password: screen pops up and she is not able to get past it. Safe mode start does not help as the same id/password screen pops up. She did not enter a user id and password when she installes steadystate. I hope there is some forum or support site that can help with this problem without having to scrub everything and lose data. Any help will be appreciated.

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