May 032011

WindowsPager is a pager utility for the Windows XP/Vista/Seven desktop. It fit smoothly into the Desktop panel. WindowsPager provide unlimited support for so called ‘virtual desktops’ or ‘workspaces’.

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virtual desktops, workspaces for Windows Vista/7/XP/2000
arrange your running applications on different desktops to improve overview
integration into the panel
several patterns possible
64 bit support
move windows between desktops by drag ‘n drop or by using the window menu
optional keyboard shortcuts for switching the desktop
set a window “sticky”: always visible
“Mini-Windows” give an overview from each desktop
support for “Flashing-Windows” (notify for new messages in Mirc for example)
keep a window above all others by selecting “Keep on top” from the window menu
drag `n drop between desktops
dual/multi monitor support
no administrator rights necessary
no installation
safe: automatic window restore even on crash by use of two separate processes.

Download windowspager

You can download windowspager from here


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