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Win+R Alias Manager provides very easy and handy way to create aliases for your favorite applications. The common scenario can be following:

Press Win+R keyboard shortcut
Type ff to run Firefox

With Win+R Alias Manager you can specify any alias (or even several aliases) for any application. Aliases are built-in feature of the OS Windows since Windows 95, but there’s no system option allowing you to control them. So, now you can use the Win+R Alias Manager.

Win+R Alias Manager features

Win+R Alias Manager allows you to create, edit and delete aliases for both user and system applications (i.e. Firefox, Internet Explorer, Windows Live messenger or just Notepad. Feel free to set alias for any software).

There are two types of aliases: the first is aliases for current user and the second is system-wide aliases. As you may know, system-wide aliases can be accessible by any user of your PC. With Win+R Alias Manager you can handle both types of aliases! You can edit, delete and create alias of any type.

You will able to create alias by simple dragging the executable (*.exe) file on alises list.

Everything can be done with keyboard shortcuts:
Insert – add new alias.
Delete – delete the selected alias.
Alt+E – edit alias.
Alt+B – browse for executable file.
Alt+R – run the selected alias.

Some limitations of Win+R Alias Manager

You may use only letters, digits and dot in aliases. All other symbols are not supported. Actually this is Windows limit.

You must have the Administrator’s rights to create, edit and delete system-wide aliases. If you are user of Windows 7 or Windows 8, I recommend you to use per-user aliases in any case. Windows XP and Windows Vista does not support per-user aliases so your are limited to use only system-wide aliases.

Download Win+R Alias Manager

You can download Win+R Alias Manager from here


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