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WMI Asset Logger is a multifaceted utility that has the ability to return a great deal of information about windows based computer systems on your network, all from the convenience of your Windows XP workstation. WMI Asset Logger is also much more than that too, it is an administrator’s friend. Once you have scanned your network the true power of WMI Asset Logger comes out. Using the right-click speed menu enables you to quickly perform many tasks. Simply right-click on the desired host and choose Remote Control (initiate RDP Session), Remote Management Console, Install Software, View/Browse/Delete Shares, View/Start/Stop Processes on remote systems, and more. If you have administrative rights to a XP workstation, but the firewall is preventing you from getting results, simply right-click on the system and disable the XP firewall. Wait one minute, and rescan the system. (Don’t forget to re-enable that firewall!)

Tired of having client/server based tools that blue-screen remote hosts? Or tired of dealing with messy Logon scripts to gather important information? WMI Asset Logger does not require any client-side installations and is a stand alone application. WMI Asset Logger uses all the tools that already exist on your XP Workstation to perform its duties. These utilities are native to windows and are much more stable than any add-on could hope to be. WMI Asset Logger also monitors its own progress too, if a client system hangs up WMI Asset Logger and you have to terminate it, it will automatically blacklist the computer system that was being scanning when it was terminated.


* Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) Network Scanning
* DNS Forward/Reverse look-up tool.
* InstallNow! Use WMI to remotely install software packages in real-time.
* Dump Advanced WMI report of any computer straight to HTML or XLS.
* View, Create, and Stop remote processes on any computer (requires necessary user rights).
* View, Explore, Map, and Delete remote shares, including hidden shares!
* Perform an IP Inventory. This generates a list of NetBIOS –> IP –> MAC –> FQDN for all your windows hosts. (amazingly fast too)
* Remote software installation, this copies files to the remote computer and adds a RunOnce registry entry. This causes the installation to run silently in the background the next time the PC is re-booted.
* Remotely start/stop Windows XP Firewall Service! Sometimes the Windows XP Firewall will prevent the WMI interface from responding on the remote system. WMI Asset Logger can disable the firewall of the remote host so you can still get results.
* Use of Alternate User credentials for WMI scanning.
* Import DSQUERY COMPUTER text file dumps directly into WMIAL.
* Alternate user passwords are encrypted for security purposes.
* In-depth information on systems that return results via WMI.
* Right-click speed menu system and Hot-Key enabled menu systems.
* Dump straight to your default printer, from WMIAL, with out the need for any third-party software. No need to open results in Excel or Word to print.
* Dump directly to Microsoft Excel 97, 2000, XP, and 2003!
* Right-click management of scanned systems, and remote control(Remote Control requires Windows XP)
* Push software to large numbers of computers with a few simple clicks.
* Non-proprietary Information storage for flexibility and portability. (TAB Delimited Text file dumps).
* Text File importing, scan a specific list of systems with-out having to muddle through an expansive list of computers in the Network Neighborhood.
* Fall back Registry scanning in the event WMI is not present or errors out.
* Reboot or shutdown remote hosts.
* Result type filtering, great for finding systems that don’t have WMI, or for finding systems where your access is denied (which means you need to go add your global admin groups)
* OS Filtering. You can use this to filter out NT, XP, or 2000 systems.
* IP Ping utility, use PING to generate a list of scan candidates from just about any range of IP Addresses.
* Browse List Enumeration for faster scanning and ADSI Enumeration for pulling domain member list.
* You can dump multiple domains into the list for scanning, and then select systems across domains to scan in the even you have people spread out over a few locations or states.
* Automated E-Mailing of the results via. SMTP

Download WMI Asset Logger from here

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