Oct 212008

This has to be one of the coolest stuff that I've seen in the recent days. Xoopit is a simple Firefox plugin which allows you to browse your photos, files, pictures, videos, youtube links from your GMail account and have them in one spot. The Firefox plugin will also run a banner on top of your GMail account showing your pictures and videos.

Services supported are Flickr, YouTube, GMail, Shutterfly, kodak, Picasa etc. Yo

u need to signup with Xoopit with your GMail account and can control settings like secure connections using HTTPS. At anytime, you can delete the online index from Xoopit and delete your account.

Xoopit for GMail

Also, can be used with igoogle.

Click here to add the Xoopit Firefox plugin!


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  1. Thanks for the great post! Please send me any feedback or suggestions as you have them. – JK, Xoopit Co-Founder

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