Jul 292009

Disk Space Visualizer from ZAR (Zero Assumption Recovery) is a simple freeware tool to zoom into your Disk or folders and try and find the disk space hoggers on your system. Basically, all it does is to open individual disks or directories and reports in a nice simple graphics of the various space hogging files. This could be anything from video to pictures or old documents and log files never looked at.

zar-disk-visualizer1 zar-disk-visualizer2

You can set the preference to delete the files and move them to the recycle bin or trash the files completely bypassing the Recycle Bin (equivalent to SHIFT+DEL)


Disk Space Visualizer can run on all versions of Windows from Windows 7/Vista to XP or earlier.

Click here to download Disk Space Visualizer.

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  1. I tried to download and McAfee reckoned there might have been a trojan in the file? You might want to check your downloads for spyware – shame, cos it looks cool and its hard to get software like this that works properly on Vista!

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