May 062008

You may experience the following error when installing Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) when installing on Intel iMAC using Bootcamp to run Windows XP.

There is not enough disk space on C:\WINDOWS\$NtServicePackUninstall$ to install Service Pack 3 Setup requires an additional 4 megabytes of free space or if you also want to archive the files for uninstallation,Setup requires 4 additional megabytes of free space. Free additional space on your hard disk and then try again.

This happens because iMac uses EFI file format which Windows XP does not support. To workaround this problem, add a registry key as follows:

1. Click Start – Run – Type “regedit” and press enter.

2. Navigate to

3. In the right pane, Right-click and select New – String value

4. Name it as “BootDir” and set its value to “C:\”

This should help. Try installing SP3 and should work fine.

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  1. OMGEZZZZ I LOVE YOU SO MUCH i can now run windows on my macbook pro and go online….and EVERYTHING…i love you…your awesome

  2. Hi Guy Just trying to intall windows 7 home premium upgrade DVD and its said….
    Insufficient space to store files in Windows temporary installation. Use Disk Cleanup, uninstall the old program
    I did uninstall some off the old Programs and still is not working

    I really need help!!!!! pls help Me

    Thanks in Advance

  3. Thanks a lot, after failed install because of bootcamp 3.0 and before trying the fix for it, I just removed bootcamp hoping that would solve the problem, but then I got stuck with that disk space error. Finally it’s fixed and SP3 is installed.
    Apparently this is an issue with no bootcamp or bootcamp before 2.0 (comment from Alex) and 3.0 will give you yet another error (there is a workaround that i found after removing it). I guess the best thing to do is to install Windows XP then Bootcamp 2.0 then do all the updates and then update bootcamp to 3.0.

  4. Works Perfectly. Thanks.

  5. I never bother to post on things, but OMG thank you for the help, I have been going bonkers with this error and Microsofts Un-solution center

  6. Thank you so much for this. I had many many many problems trying to get XP to run on my Mac thru Boot Camp (it’s been a three day adventure), and this turned out to be my last hurdle. After I followed your directions, it worked perfectly.

  7. It also worked perfect for me installing SP2 on an iMac bootcamped with XP Home.


  8. Didn’t work on my iMac :[

  9. works for me. imac 24″ bootcamp snow leopard and xp sp1. met this error and resolved it after above method
    downloaded sp3 update and completed installation.

  10. Thank you for this simple fix. Microsoft’s database and posts were unhelpful.

    This worked on my 17in MacBook Pro running Windows XP SP2 (now SP3, thank you) in Bootcamp.

  11. Thank you,
    Worked like a charm on my 13inch pro installing xp sp2

  12. Been searching for solution since…..thanks a million!

  13. Thanks so much for this- ready to rip my hair out (what’s left that is…)

  14. Great! Thanks! Couldn’t figure this one out and what you said was exactly what I needed to do! You rock!!!

  15. You won’t believe it, I just managed to install SP 2 on Windows Server 2003 Enterprise, running on my Mac

    Mini thanks to this and another hint:

    -> HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Setup

    add DriverCachePath (string) “%SystemRoot%\Driver Cache”

    -> HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Setup

    add BootDir (string) “C:\”

    The problem was that BootCamp 3.x did not start from the CD/DVD complaining that I had not the newest windows installer. And I could not install either SP 1 nor SP 2. So the above registry keys helped to install SP2.

    But I still had to install the rest of the drivers through the windows device manager which found the correct drivers on the BootCamp CD/DVD. Here is the list of Windows XP Drivers I installed from the BootCamp CD/DVD (I did not test the Windows Vista nor Windows 7 drivers, which are present on the 3.x CD/DVD and which work probably also). To reach the internet I had to install the NIC-Driver at the very start:

    - BlueToth: BroadCom BlueTooth 2.1 module

    - Display: Nvidia GeForce 9400

    - Network Adapters (NIC): 1394 Net Adapter, BroadCom 802.11n-NetworkAdapter, Nvidia nForce 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet

    - NVIDIA Network Bus Enumerator: NVIDIA Network Bus Enumerator

    - Sound & Video: Realtek High Definition Audio

    The device manager showed up some 2 unknown devices more, but it found the corresponding nVidia drivers on the BootCamp CD/DVD when I right-clicked to install the drivers automatically.

    N.B. I will use this windows server 2003 only for testing purposes in stead of windows xp on my Mac Mini because nobody guarantees that it works, but actually it seems to do so. (See also previous posts where it was installed on a MacBook Pro. This answers also the posts where BootCamp could not be installed: you have to install the drivers manually and not through the BootCamp installer program.)

    Thanks a lot.

  16. I apologize for being maybe a little bit too enthousiastic: the server ran only for a couple of hours, crashed and came up only in protected mode. So something in SP 2 broke what seemed to work so well. I reverted back and I am trying with SP 1 now. If this does not work either, I will give it a last try with the Installation without any SP.

  17. Found another good forum where someone tells how it should work on a Jan 2008 Mac Mini ( But I have a Jan 2009 model, 2.53 GHz.

  18. It seems, the hint in the above link to remove BlueTooth and Audio drivers could do the trick. I removed every BootCamp driver except nVidia Chipset/Video/NIC and started over again with 2K3 installation, then upgraded to SP1 and SP 2 again, cancelling the hardware manager wanting to install audio and BlueTooth drivers. I’ll try to install and run an IIS-Web-Server application now to check whether the server runs without crashes.

  19. Ok, the server has been up and running for a couple of days now. Still, maybe one or two crashes were due to power-saving functions, even if I disabled everyone in the NIC and Power-Settings Control panel.

  20. After a few more crashes I am pondering whether to give up and return to XP.

  21. Thank you your are a mac/windows computer god thanks once more

  22. cheers my friend thank you very much.

  23. Thank you sososososoososososoosos much!!!!!!!! I’ve been struggling with setting up windows in bootcamp all day and this straightforward answer was just what I needed, especially after spending so many hours searching answers to other things. Amazing!!!

  24. Finally! A solution to a very frustrating problem. THANK YOU!!

  25. Same issue, will try.

  26. done! thx

  27. Like everyone else has said, thanks a lot for the tip!

  28. Thanks, this worked!

  29. Thank you so much!! Saved the day. Was not able to install XP SP3 on Bootcamp without this reg fix.

  30. I am helping another person with this problem. We followed the instructions given but came up with an error. On the virtual machine running parallels desktop we got;

    “The disk is corrupt or dynamic or has snapshots. Delete those snapshots and try again. If the problem persists contact the Parallels support team for assistance.”

    What are snapshots? Where do I find them to delete them?

  31. AWESOME! Thank you!

  32. YOU ROCK!!! Thank you!!

  33. Amazing!

  34. You are a GOD! I’ve been messing with this for weeks! Thank you sooooo much!

  35. Wow! Worked great. I searched for an hour to fix this and i finally found my solution here. Awesome!

  36. Awesome! Great work.
    Worked like a charm! Keep up the good work!

  37. hi,
    Thats worked gr8.

  38. Thank you that great!!!

  39. Excellent!

  40. I only tried 50 times before I found this, lol. It worked perfectly, thanks!

  41. Thanks man! Problem Solved! This is what allowed me to run boot camp, install XP pro with NO service pack, download sp2 from a third party to “downloads,” copy it, paste it into my windows partition, and with this awesome fix, finally install it and go online and get the rest of my updates!!! Couldn’t have accomplished this nearly unheard of feat without this crucial post.

  42. Thanks I can understand that why it was giving error becuz the bootdir was set to my CD-Rom drive and of course there will be no space for sp3 to install so thats why its giving error. but its fixed now.


  43. Thanks it worked like a charm!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Thanks for posting this now I am not stuck anymore!


  45. You sir, are the coolest shit. This is a compliment of the highest order.

  46. I had this problem on my dell and this fixed the problem there as well thanks for the tip

  47. What a magic feat!!! You sure saved me a great hell of agony.

    Thanks alot

  48. Thank you THANK YOU! worked like a charm, you rock!

  49. Wondering taking this plunge and all of the problems. Thanks for the tips. Ongoing comments are good encouragement that it’s still solid with the current MAC OS.

  50. WOW ! Thanks. It works ! U saved my day !

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