Mar 172008

Sometimes when you log into the Windows XP or Windows 2000, you may see the System32 folder opening up at the startup. This could be due to an incomplete or an invalid entry in the Windows Startup registry key. This could be for example a null value (“”) or a string value with only one quotes (“).

To fix the problem, Open windows registry and check for these invalid or incomplete entry.

1. Click Start – Run – Type “regedit” and press enter.

2. Navigate to



In the rightpane look for any of these invalid entries and delete them (take a backup before deleting an entry from registry)

This should fix the problem. Restart the computer and you should find the System32 folder doesn’t open at startup.

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  One Response to “Fix System32 folder at Windows Startup”

  1. when I start my computer, I get two error messages:

    1. error loading c:\winnt\system32\tidahahi.dll
    (specified module could not be found)

    2. error loading c:\winnt\system32\nisamusa.dll
    (specified module could not be found)

    I’ve looked everywhere but can’t find what I need to restore this info. How do I fix this?

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