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Windows Tool tips are small information boxes that appear when we place the cursor on any icon or shorcuts on the desktop. This can be enabled or disabled from the registry. I consider this is a great simple feature but if you choose to enable or disable then try the following tweak in registry.

Windows ToolTips

1. Click Start – Run , type REGEDIT and press enter. This will open the Windows Registry Editor.

2. Now, navigate through to



Windows ToolTips Registry tweak

3. Look for the DWORD “ShowInfoTip“, right-click and select Modify and change the value data as required

1 – Enable ToolTips (Default)
0 – Disable ToolTips

This should enable or disable Tool Tips in Windows.

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  23 Responses to “How to Enable/Disable ToolTips in Windows”

  1. this is does not work for me! what do I do now?

  2. Hi, I am wondering if the instructions above will remove all the tool tip balloons. I’m very annoyed by the one that pops up over the search box. It covers the box and blinks off and on and I can’t see what I’m typing. The balloons on the task bar don’t bother me too much but that one on the search box to the right of the address bar is too frustrating. Any way to get rid of just that one? Thanks!

  3. Same for me too. Didnt work!

  4. Have changed the registry, still getting this incredibly annoying little “tips.” Any other suggestions?

  5. This didn’t work for me immediately, but tool tips were gone upon restart. At least in windows, they’re still appearing in the task bar and elsewhere. Still a big improvement.

  6. is there a parameter to set the speed for the tooltips? i find that they take a lot to appear

  7. is there a parameter to set the speed for the tooltips? i find that they take a lot to appear

    Comment by sox on March 3, 2010 @ 11:48 pm

    I’m with Sox on this one, think they’re great for folder info but oh so slow.

  8. did not work for me either. I am wanting to remove the box that appears as you roll-over your mouse over your files.

    ‘I own a PC and Windows 7 annoying features was NOT MY IDEA!’

  9. Please could you add a registry file for this so that I can just add it next time. I don’t know how to do these myself.

  10. @ Sox & Elmer

    open the system
    right click on the my computer Icon on the desk top
    and select properties
    the system properties window should appear
    open the advanced tab
    click on the performance “settings” button
    select the visual effects tab
    change it’s settings to
    “Adjust for best performance”

    and all animations and delays will vanish;
    tooltips will pop immediately,
    except when calculating a folder size,
    menus will open instantly, windows will maximize, minimize without that painful delay of animated shrink, expand, etc.

  11. didn’t work for me either- i renamedthe key and the box still pops up- next step is deleting the key
    does Microsoft really think people are that stupid that they need to be told what the mouse is point at? HAY MICROSOFT if you are listeng I CAN READ don’t help

  12. It doesn’t work for me, this is the difficult way of uncheck “Show pop-up description….” in windows explorer, and it only works for tooltips of archives, not for the annoying tooltips that shows stupid information in all windows

  13. i would love to see a windows where your standard question is “how can i enable” instead of “how can i disable” :)

    cause the answer for “how can i disable” is almost “you can’t disable” :D

    there are no tweaks to disable the tool tips which pop up when you hover over taskbar applications and start button.

  14. This really is an annoying issue and I have searched everywhere but nothing works to get rid of these stupid things at the end of my cursor. None of the fixes I’ve seen, help at all. You would think it would be a simple fix but as per usual, Microsoft has made something simple into the impossible.

  15. jadik aje(work for me…

  16. I’ve done everything, them damn popup tooltips still popup on mouse hover over icons in sys tray.

  17. I have uninstalled windows 7 in place of Ubuntu. I will not use any windows operating system ever again UNTIL an option or fix is provided to disable tooltips from taskbar applications. This is by far the most annoying obtrusion I have ever encountered in windows. I have a very small screen and tooltips constantly popping up for no reason and sticking to the screen was enough to make me abandon win7 once and for all. Here is description of the problem

    Not gonna use windows again until us customers get a real solution. And stop copy/pasting that showinfotip = 0 crap, cuz it does nothing.

  18. I want to disable taskbar tooltips completely in windows 7.

    The tooltips I’m talking about and want to disable are the ones that pop up when you have your mouse cursor over application buttons on the task bar and the tooltip pops up saying what the app is. I can already see what the app is by what is written in the button, and now there is this stupid tooltip blocking what’s written on the other buttons so I can’t see them.

    Until I am able to disable this feature in windows 7 or XP I will be using Linux (because it allows you to).

  19. how cute, some little asshole deleted my comments. What a bitch

  20. go suck off bill gates you piece of shit

  21. I’ve searched everywhere and tried every registry tweak that exists. Nothing modifies the behaviour of Windows tooltips. NOTHING. Do not waste your time searching because there is no way to turn them off or even change their behaviour.

    Switched to Linux, problem solved.

  22. This tool tip crap also is a problem with Mac OSX (I use both platforms). It seems all software engineers believe that I need to read the same thing twice to figure out what I’m doing. What’s really insane is that these “baloons” make the UI less user-friendly, cover over important graphics, slow down work flow, confuse basic messages and generally cause frustration. I have my registry switch set to “0″ and unchecked the “pop-up” option in folder behaviours, as per suggested fixes, and still have these pop-ups in all types of applications, including Microsoft ones. I spend all day on computers and for years this issue has pissed me off. I’m starting to think the only solution is to stop using them altogether -what great progress!

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