Jan 182008

Windows Recovery Console comes very handy when troubleshooting a serious system problem especially when the system does not boot into windows automatically. Windows Recovery Console gives limited access to the File System (NTFS,FAT,FAT32) and a limited set of commands that can help fix major system problems.

To logon to the Recovery Console, you need to start the Computer with the Windows XP CD. If you do not have the CDs then you may create a Windows XP setup disk kit which is a set of 6 Diskettes.

For more information on creating a Setup disk, click here

1. Start the computer with the Windows XP CD or the Setup disks.

2. Press R when the blue setup window comes up to run a Repair installation from the Recovery Console.

3. Select the Windows installation and press Enter. Normally, 1: C:\Windows if you do not have more than 1 Windows installation on the system.

4. This will launch the Recovery Console and prompt you with the Administrator Password.

5. Enter the password or press enter (if the Administrator password is not set). Now, you are in the Recovery Console.

NOTE: Type Help and press Enter to list all the commands that can be used in the Recovery Console.

To exit the Recovery Console, type Exit and press Enter.

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