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When you visit a website and click on a link/URL of a JNLP file, Google Chrome will simply download the file as with any other file instead launching the JNLP file with the Java runtime environment. This is the default behaviour in Google Chrome. JNLP stands for Java Network Launching Protocol. “.jnlp” files are formatted in XML and are used for launching Java programs over the internet.

To get Google Chrome to open the file automatically with Java runtime, simply click to download the file and click the “Down Arrow” next to the file and select “Always open files of this type”. This should make Google Chrome launch the file automatically the next time you click on URLS launch JNLP files.

This should infact help you launch any files that doesn’t launch automatically like DOC, XLS file with Ms Office.

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  3 Responses to “Google Chrome doesn’t launch JNLP files automatically”

  1. “Always open files of this type” disabled when downloading *.xml files :(
    I have report XML file (XMLSS) for MS Excel, OO Calc

  2. This still causes the file to be downloaded to your default download location. Resulting in multiple files that you most likely did not want saved in your downloads folder.

  3. In windows 7 this is not solved with Browser Settings. Follow: Start > Control Panel > Default Programs > Associate a file type or protocol > scroll down to .jnlp and click on it > Hit the “Change program … ” button and select Java Web start launcher — this will solve the problem in Chrome and in IE

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