Oct 122010

One of the long standing concerns of Google Chrome users is that there isn't an extension or even a built in function that can perform like “NoScript” for Firefox browser. It not only secures the browser but it also loads the page faster and saves a ton of bandwidth by blocking those contents like adverts, scripts etc by blocking the requests getting out to server.  This unfortunately is not possible in Google Chrome as the APIs do not allow it for performance reasons which means we may never get a “NoScript” for Google Chrome.

Here comes “NotScript” has come to the rescue for Google Chrome. It offers most the rich features of NoScript but in a different way using the HTML5 features which means it loads pages faster and saves bandwidth by blocking contents before being requested to the server.

Click here to visit the Extension home and click Install button. Once done, you have to set a one time password (as complex as you) to encrypt the NotScript cache information allowing safe browser.

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To set the password, open the file “CHANGE_PASSWORD_HERE” under the following directory using notepad

Windows XP:

%userprofile%\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions\odjhifogjcknibkahlpidmdajjpkkcfn

Windows Vista & Windows 7:

%userprofile%\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions\odjhifogjcknibkahlpidmdajjpkkcfn

and set the password for


to something like

const ENCRYPTION_PASSWORD = “adsfkjwer9ui4rkwebkVAHSBAK)(w2ie3[pew”;

Once done, restart your Google Chrome browser. You should see a pyramid like icon to the left of the address bar. By default, all websites are blocked, click the icon and allow a website always or temporarily or block for ever. That should do!


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  3 Responses to “NotScripts like NoScripts for Google Chrome”

  1. I have NO idea which version of Chrome this tutorial was written for, and I can’t find the date this tutorial was published. SO since I had to look beyond what’s described above:

    On Nov 1, 2010 with Chrome 7.0.517.41, my CHANGE__PASSWORD__HERE.js file was located in a sub-directory named “0.9.6_0″ (w/o quotes).

    PS: The password must be longer than 20 characters, or the program will “complain” LOL

    Seems to work well now that I’ve found the password file, and made a longer password.

    Thanks and Good luck to others trying this addon.

  2. I downloaded notscripts planning to look at it before activating, however I now have it on my computer and cannot open my email, I cant figure out how to set a password and would like to simply remove notscripts it from my computer, can you help me

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