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When you click an HTML link to a Microsoft Office file (such as a Microsoft Word or Excel document), Internet Explorer may open the file in Internet Explorer, instead of opening the file in the appropriate Office program. This may occur if Internet Explorer is configured to host documents for Office programs that are installed on the computer. By default, Internet Explorer is configured to host documents for Office programs.

To configure Internet Explorer to open Office files in the appropriate Office program by using the Folder Options tool

Method 1

Open My Computer and On the Tools menu click Folder Options.

Click the File Types tab.In the Registered file types list, click the specific Office document type (for example, Microsoft Word ), and then click Advanced .

In the Edit File Type dialog box, click to clear the Browse in same window check box .

Click OK 2 times.

Method 2

Using FileTypesMan Utility

FileTypesMan is an alternative to the ‘File Types’ tab in the ‘Folder Options’ of Windows. It displays the list of all file extensions and types registered on your computer. For each file type, the following information is displayed: Type Name, Description, MIME Type, Perceived Type, Flags, Browser Flags, and more.FileTypesMan also allows you to easily edit the properties and flags of each file type, as well as it allows you to add, edit, and remove actions in a file type.

Download FileTypesMan Utility From Here

Now you need to Unzip the archive and run FileTypesMan.exe

Once it opens you should see similar to the following screen

Double-click the office file extension for which you want to enable or disable browser integration and now you need to check the box next to “Don’t open inside a Web browser window” option and click ok

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  7 Responses to “Configure Internet Explorer to open Ms Office (Word,Excel,Power Point Etc)documents”

  1. Hi,When I try to download any type of office documents linke word,excel,…When i click on document link a popup is coming save or cancel.there i can observe its extention is zip.Wehen i say save the ZIP file is saved and inside that actual document.Its not the case for PDF files.Please let me know why this office document is saving inside a zip file and the name of zip file is same as name of the document.we are using IE 6.

  2. This does not work for IE 8 unfortunately.

  3. I want to know how to find this setting in Windows 7. I need to have: Confirm Open after download to NOT be checked and the Browse in same window IS checked. Where do I go to set this up for .doc file types when I am in Windows 7?

  4. Thank you for the graphics – helped me solve an issue on Windows 2003.


  5. I’m with Kim. These instructions are GREAT for XP, but don’t work for Win 7. Are there instructions for this in Windows 7?

  6. Joe and Kim this does work for Windows 7.
    I downloaded the file manager and edited the files I want to open in the Office program.

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