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Pop-ups are one of the many annoyances while you browse the Internet. While there are legitimate pop-ups that we would want to look at (say a link on a page is open as a popup window), there are also pop-ups like advertisements that you do not want to see.

Internet Explorer 7 comes built-in with a Pop-up blocker which can deal with the annoyances of the pop-ups on the website and allows users to control how a legitimate pop-up is open in the browser.

Legitimate Pop-ups

Legitimate popups can be opened in a new tab in the current window (if tabbed browsing is enabled) or open in a new internet explorer windows. You can also choose to leave it to Internet Explorer to do what it thinks is best.

To change this setting,

1. Open Internet Explorer.

2. Click Tools – Internet Options

3. In the general tab, click “Settings” button for Tabs

Internet Explorer Tabbed browsing

4. Under the “When a Pop-up is encountered” select one of the following options as required:

“Let Internet Explorer decide how Pop-ups should open”

“Always open Pop-ups in new window”

“Always open Pop-ups in a new tab”

Tabbed Browsing popup setting

5. Click OK and OK to save the settings

Block unwanted Pop-ups

The pop-up blocker in Internet Explorer is enabled by default and can disabled/enabled from Tools – Pop-up Blocker

Turn Off popup blocker Turn On popup blocker

Now, to set the level of filtering for the Pop-Up windows,

1. Open Internet Explorer, click Tools – Pop-up Blocker – Pop-Up Blocker Settings

2. Down, the tab, you have the option to set the filter leve to Low/Medium/High

popup blocker settings

3. Also, you can add a list of website to allow pop-ups which might otherwise get blocked by the Pop-up Blocker in here.

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