Mar 132008

Activities in Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) is a new feature which allow information on a website be looked up or sent to another application making websites more user controlled and interactive.

As you know, adding an activity is as simple as a click. Sometimes, you want to delete an activity that you added. Could be you didn’t like it or that you want to disable it temporarily. Well, you can disable or delete using the following procedure.

Activities are add-ons to Internet Explorer 8 and hence to delete an activity,

1. Open Internet Explorer 8.

2. Click Tools – Options or press the “Tools” button on the Top right corner.

3. Click Internet Options and select Programs then “Manage Add-ons”

Manage Addons in IE8

4. Click Activities in the left-pane. Here you should see all the installed activities.

5. Select the Activity in the right-pane and click “Delete” to delete the activity or “Disable” to temporarily disable it.

Activities in IE8

6. Click Close.

That should disable ot delete an Activity from your Internet Explorer 8.

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