Feb 182008

Autocomplete in Internet Explorer is a feature which allows the browser to remember the previous entered web form entries like website addresses in the addressbar and help you complete the form (again address bar for example) based on the few characters you typed in.

This is a great feature that comes handy when you are browsing consistently multiple websites or intranet or extranet resources. In Internet Explorer 5 & 6 this is enabled by default but not so in Internet Explorer 7.

To enable or disable Auto complete in Internet Explorer, please try the following:

1. Open Internet Explorer, click Tools – Internet Options

2. Click Advanced tab. Scroll down to the option

“Use inline AutoComplete”

and check or uncheck the option to enable or disable the feature respectively.

Internet Explorer inline Autocomplete

4. Click Apply and OK. Restart Internet Explorer and should see the AutoComplete working.

inline autocomplete in action

For more information and official documentation from Microsoft, click here

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  6 Responses to “How to Enable/Disable AutoComplete in Internet Explorer”

  1. Awesome! Thank you!!

  2. This works for the address bar, but trying to disable autocomplete for the search results in the dialog box asking you if you want to use autocomplete. this becomes annoying, and I’ve been trying with no avail to find an answer. I’ve even gone as far as trying to get microsoft to explain how to turn this off, but they just reiterate what you are saying.

  3. Anyone know how to disable Autocomplete in Windows Mobile Internet Explorer? There doesn’t appear to be a setting for it.

  4. I am trying to enable the autocomplete featur on my address. I tried the steps mentioned abbove, but when I got to the option of “using the autocomplete” it said “using autocomplete outside of internet explorer”. I chose that, but still my address bar will only remember tha last web site visited. Can you advise?

  5. i already tried this procedure and also other option but still it keeps on auto login when opening the application browser

  6. does any one have any other options/procedure not to auto login when using ie browser (local intranet)

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