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Java is technology used to create interactive or animated web content, such as games or advanced financial applications. Java programs are downloaded automatically to your computer when you use them, and don’t usually require special installation. To run Java programs in Internet Explorer, special Java software needs to be installed and enabled. When the Java virtual machine is installed in Internet Explorer, Java is enabled by default and configured with safety settings at their highest. If you do not have Java installed, visit the Java.com website to download the free Java software.

First you need to download Java from here for vista.Now you need to install that’s it this will complete the java installation in vista

Once Java is installed, you can enable or disable it by following these steps to enable or disable Java in Internet Explorer

Open Internet Explorer and Click the Tools button, and then click Internet Options.

Click the Advanced tab.If Java is installed, there will be a Java section in the Settings list. To enable Java, select the option under Java. To disable Java, clear the option under Java. When you are finished, click OK.

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  1. strangely, that option does not appear after the installation. thus, i can use java on firefox, but not on iexplore…

  2. I’ve been trying to fix a problem I have with getting into vereconference that uses Java – when I download the program and it tries to open the splash screen in Java – it says Splash: recv failed – and then quits… also there is no option as the pic you show in IE under Tools/IO/Java – no Java no Microsoft VM listed whatsoever… in FF (which is what I usually use) the program also doesn’t work. Any ideas?

  3. Same thing happens as what Kali notes above. The Java section does not appear in the Advance Internet Options after the installation. Haven’t tried Firefox though.


  4. Same with me java is not enabled in IE but in Safari it enables, altough i want it in Internet explorer self
    and there is no way to enable sun java with. i tried tools adavanced options and i look there and there seems to be no thing with the name java in it

    if you know how to solve this problem,
    please email me ( Taylan_42@hotmail.com )
    Thank You Very Much


  5. Same as kali there is no option appearing in internet option and java wont enable if u know jhow to solve this problem could u contact me in relation thanx Gav

  6. I can’t find Java in Internet Options/Advanced

  7. I couldn’t find Java in internet options/advanced too.

    die die …

  8. This web page appears to be totally useless. Why can’t someone give a helpful response to the JAVA questions.

    The instructions above are totally useless, i.e.,

    Click the Advanced tab.If Java is installed, there will be a Java section in the Settings list. To enable Java, select the option under Java. To disable Java, clear the option under Java. When you are finished, click OK.

    OK wise guy, what happens if JAVA is installed on the machine but there is no JAVA section in IE settings ?????

  9. When trying to enable Java through my IE Web browser, I can’t find Sun Java in the list. Does anyone have a solution?

  10. I had the same problem: the Javascript wasn’t working and “Java section in the Settings list” was not visible. I tried many things. Finally I went to Tools > Internet Options > Advanced and did a reset. Then I noticed a small icon at the top of the browser. It is next to the refresh button and looks like a page with a green break line in the middle. If the mouse moves over it, a note mentions “compatibility view, websites designed for older browsers will …”. I clicked on it, and suddenly the java content was activated and the problem resolved.

  11. I my I am also having issues , and its a pain cause I need to work on Quick Books online every day it my daily work function and I just cant get to do my work I have just emailed Java to see if they have any suggestions I have tried everything I hope an answer comes soon, I had no issues when I had Internet exp 7, since I download the Internet exp 8 I am having issues, I tried uninstalling the IE8 and it wont god what a mess now.. grrrr I have windows vista Home premium..

  12. i have not heard of that one, Clemens. i have been searching to resolve this issue for almost a month. my problem was created when i created a new administrator account in vista and deleted the original one. since then java just didn’t seem to exist on my machine. i wish i would have seen your post earlier. i eventually saved everything and used the recovery partition to bring vista back to the original install. everything is working fine (for now.)

  13. well to take that a little further, apparently compatibility mode is only with IE8. my problem was with IE7. windows is frustrating. like taking care of a small child thats sick all of the time.

  14. One more with the problem. Running IE8 + Vista Home.
    If one of you solve the problem – please keep us posted ! Im freaking out soon. Done 4-5 re-installation (offline etc.)

  15. Nick’s on the right track:
    Tools > Internet Options > Advanced and do a reset.

    In IE8 there is no entry for Java in Tools Internet Options Advanced. The picture at the top must be for IE7.

    My problem was as above: Java 6 r13 working in FF & Maxthon, not in IE8. Reinstalling Java was no help, nor disabling IE addons.

    On the other hand, I still don’t know what exactly caused the problem..!

  16. What a royal pain! I just recently purchased a new HP with Win Vista installed. (My old PC with Win XP had recently “bit the dust”..so to speak). I CANNOT upload my videos to YouTube, and I normally upload 50+ per week or more. I found I could not do so without Java but “assumed” I had it. Lesson..NEVER “assume” anything. It was NOT included with this PC as it was with my other ones!! Now..I am trying like to download, but the download fails at the very end every darn time. So…I am trying again…and will keep trying.

  17. I installed jdk1.6 that changed jre location. Now the control panel does not see java. IE7 says I don’t have java installed, but I can run java codes using DOS window.

  18. i am disabling sun java & enabling the ms java but still my application which run on ms java is not running. also disabling the sun java from addons but still the same problem.

  19. my vista tells me it has protected me against java because it’s an unknown supplier? Come on! My internet bank won’t work without java, and I am disabled, so I can’t go to my bank? What is this? Don’t microsoft know java?????

  20. IE8 and IE7 have

    Tools Options Programs Manager Add Ons….

    I’ve just enbled Java through above and restarted IE but it hasn’t solved my java problem (which is I can’t view Korean fonts)…

  21. the reset worked for me.


  22. IE8 and IE7 have

    Tools Options Programs Manager Add Ons….

    I’ve just enbled Java through above and restarted IE but it hasn’t solved my java problem (which is I can’t view Korean fonts)…

    worked perfect Thanks

  23. I am a neophyte and I am trying to play games on Pogo using java. The problem is on SOME games half of the screen is lopped of and you really can’t play the game if half of it is missing. I tried enlarging the screen and I tried grabbing the edges to drag it over nothing works. Someone, please help me.

  24. I got the answer. The screen has a percentage drop down button on the bottom right hand corner, it needs to be set at 100% to get everything on the screen. Thanks anyway.

  25. Go to http://www.java.com and download & install java.

  26. the reset did NOT work for me. I HATE IE8!!!! How can I get rid of it?? I have no Java in advanced options and am getting NO HELP.

  27. Hi,

    If you don’t solved your problem, you should have a 64Bit OS with IE8.

    If you installed JRE x64 and don’t see Java Options, read below :

    Launch Internet Explorer 8 (x64) not Internet Explorer 8 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Best Regards

  28. Recent versions of IE don’t have it under advanced options.

    To enable Java click on “Tools” on the IE Menu Bar and click Manage Add-ons. In the Manage Add-ons window make sure that Tool Bars and Extensions is highlighted on the left hand side of the Window and then look for the Sun Microsystems section in the main area of the window. If it is listed there but shows to be disabled, click on the Java plug-ins and enable them.

    If “tools” isn’t showing, hover the mouse over the main ie toolbar and press alt.

  29. running on win7 home premium 64bit and no java under advanced tab..although there is a control panel for java under control panel > programs…it displays that java is enabled, but still doesn’t fix the problem.

  30. surprised to find I have 32-bit IE8, though the system is win7 home premium 64-bit. I removed 64-bit java and installed 32-bit . Internet options-advanced still has no java and reset does not work either.

    But the java(32-bit) can now be enabled in the Manage add-ons (sun java wouldn’t appear in the add-ons window for 64-bit version). It seems to work, I can play some games on gokgs which uses java.

    If you are using 32-bit/64-bit IE, you need to install 32-bit/64-bit java.
    To verify whether you are using 32-bit or 64-bit IE:
    Launch IE browser and click on the Help tab at the top.(If you don’t see the Help, right-click the tab bar and check “Menu Bar”.). Select “About Internet Explorer”. If version of IE displays 64-bit Edition, then it is 64-bit IE, otherwise it is 32-bit browser.

  31. Hi guys, thanks for all of these wonderful comments about getting java to work on vista.

    I’ve never had a problem with Vista for a year.

    Java on the other hand has been busting my balls for a week now, i have never searched so much and for so long to get a conclusion to this problem, java is installed on my laptop, sun/java have verified this but java just doesn’t show up in mozilla or I.E under internet options.


    I downloaded Opera……It works! it can fecking read!!!!

    hope this helps!


    Come Closer……


    Whats that?

    i said…spspspspspssss



    now why don’t you feck off and put down some helpful advice and not a basic 3 step guide. hire someone to solve the problem at 57 cents a minute?

    AAARRRRGGGHHHHHH!!!!! thank you for wasting approx 8 hours of my life.

  32. my problem has been SOLVED!

    thanks to the guy that suggested downloading Opera! i had never even heard of it but was at my wits end with stuff not loading so i thought i’d try it!

    now the pages that had been giving me jip in IE8 load perfectly and i cant believe how fast opera actually is

    thanks again =)

  33. Had similar issues, no Java in Advanced Options and no Java in Add-on Manager. 64bit Win7, IE8, Java works fine in Firefox. Installed the 64bit Java version and now IE works fine with Java. Running both 32 & 64 Java versions and no issues.

  34. java do not want to download!

  35. All users having trouble with JAVA not working and not showing an option to enable Java:

    Many x64 servers/PCs seem to default to a x86 version of IE7/8
    If you have downloaded the x64 version of Java, it wont work in the browser. Simply install the x86 version of java and it’s all sorted.

  36. hi , to download nokia tool kit , firstly i have to delete java , by mistake i delete java that helps in operating internet explorer , now i dont know what 2 do , plz ant one help me as soon as possible

  37. Thanks JG!!!!!!!!
    GENIUS thanks so much- Opera works like a charm. Only wasted a couple days on the Java search-would have been many many more without your post.

  38. Can Java be installed on windows 7 Home or does it have to be XP

  39. AYE! I have java in my pc! but still the bloody thing don’t work right FFS!

  40. Using the directions I found java between International and Multimedia.
    I have windows XP and IE 8. Hope it helps someone.

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