Mar 152008

Every time when you launch IE7 the Internet Explorer customization screen,, has been displayed instead of the home page this will happen after you upgrade you IE or IE7 installation.

Solution 1

you need to open notepad and add the following lines and save as IE7FIX.reg

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main]

Now you need to right click on IE7FIX.reg file click on Merge when you get confirmation dialogbox click ok

Solution 2

Create a BAT/CMD file with Notepad with the following contents and save as RunOnceDone.cmd. Double click on RunOnceDone.cmd

REG ADD HKCU”\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main” /v RunOnceComplete /t REG_DWORD /d 00000001 /f

REG ADD HKCU”\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main” /v RunOnceHasShown /t REG_DWORD /d 00000001 /f

Solution 3

Download and install this simple tool and follow the on screen instructions

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  4 Responses to “How to stop from loading every time IE7 is started”

  1. Cheers – its been bugging me for days!

  2. ok i did the solution 2 thing and i am pretty sure it messed up my micorsoft word 2007, i know this because i was running word while i did this and when i went back after i was done it was all weird. when there is a misspelled word i right click it and all the options are there but not visible, the box is also stretched out across the screen

  3. Thank you so much. With your and a lot of other helpers on the internet, my computer is now running at full speed. What a joy! I did the following:

    Download and install this simple tool and follow the on screen instructions

    Howard Ahner
    Nobeoka, Japan

  4. Or.. you can simply go through the setup process without exploding your computer.

    Or.. change your homepage.

    Look at that! Two more solutions.

    Here’s another: Download Chrome. =)

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