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Internet Explorer has a built-in Anti-Phishing feature using Phishing Filter. Phishing Filter in Internet Explorer helps detect phishing websites.

Phishing Filter uses three methods to help protect you from phishing scams. First, it compares the addresses of websites you visit against a list of sites reported to Microsoft as legitimate. This list is stored on your computer. Second, it helps analyze the sites you visit to see if they have the characteristics common to a phishing website. Third, with your consent, Phishing Filter sends some website addresses to Microsoft to be further checked against a frequently updated list of reported phishing websites.

If the site you are visiting is on the list of reported phishing websites, Internet Explorer will display a warning webpage and a notification on the Address bar. From the warning webpage, you can continue or close the page. If the website contains characteristics common to a phishing site but isn’t on the list, Internet Explorer will only notify you in the Address bar that it might possibly be a phishing website.

With growing Phishing scams, it is important that you have Phishing-Filter enabled on your browser.

When you install and run Internet Explorer for the first time, it will prompt to you to enable Phishing-Filter. However, if you choose not to turn on, you can enable Phishing-Filter as follows:

1. Open Internet Explorer.

2. Click Tools – Internet Options

3. Click Advanced.

4. Scroll down to Phishing Filter and select the option “Turn on Automatic website checking”. To stop checking the websites select “Turn off Automatic website checking”. If you choose to completely disable select “Disable phishing filter” option.

Enable Disable phishing filter

If ever, there was a website flagged as Phishing website which is legitimate or if a phishing website was not blocked then you can report the website to Microsoft from

Tools – Phishing Filter – Report This Website

Report website phishing

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  1. thank you,very usefull

  2. What is the difference between “disable” and “turn off automatic checking”?

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