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After installing IE8 and you don’t like for some reason you can uninstall using the following procedure

For Windows XP Users

Click the Start Button and select Control Panel.Select Add or Remove Programs.

Find and select Windows Internet Explorer 8 from the list of available applications.Click the Remove button.

Restart your system.

For Windows Vista Users

Click the Start Button and select Control Panel.Select Programs (Programs and Features if you’re using the Classic View).

Select View installed updates (it will be under the Tasks column if you’re using the Classic View).

Find and select Windows Internet Explorer 8 from the list of available updates.Click the Uninstall button at the top of the list.

Restart your system.

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  100 Responses to “How to uninstall Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) in Vista/XP”

  1. IE8 will not uninstall for me.
    “setup has detected another update in progress, complete install and try again” nothing above mentioned fixes this. Help?

  2. Is there a safe way to uninstall IE8 and IE7 without uninstalling XP SP3. Then, reinstalling IE7 again?

  3. HELP!! SOS!! This is so frustrating. I dl IE8 like an idiot! I work from my pc so this was NOT the smart thing to do especially given Microsoft’s track record of “latest and greatest new products”! I went to the Microsoft website to uninstall (Vista 64bit OS) and followed the directions. Since then my IE 7 has been restored – somewhat. I can open the program but cannot connect to any webpage; it just keeps “waiting” or “connecting” to an IP address.

    Can someone help?

  4. I just wanted to update real quick in case this helped someone else out – in my control panel I found some “webex IE support manager”. I don’t know what it is/was but I removed it and now I’m up and running in IE again!

    Hope this helps someone else :)

  5. Hi Everyone!
    I want to thank everyone who posted their solutions — when you can’t find it from the manufacturer — it is so wonderful for everyone to help each other out.
    It turns out – after MUCH searching – Microsoft does have a solution.
    Here are the easy-to-follow and in plain language instructions:

    As mentioned in an earlier post – if you have XP Service Pack 3 installed – you MUST UNINSTALL it first – before you are able to uninstall IE8.

    The reason the article on this page is NOT helpful, is because if you follow the instructions and have XP SP3 on your computer – - the “Remove” button is not available.

    However, once you uninstall the XP SP3 and restart your computer – the “remove” button is then available to get rid of the atrocity called IE8…..yeah!!

    I will caution — it takes FOREVER to uninstall everything and reinstall IE7…..but….IT WORKS, IT WORKS, IT WORKS…
    HURRAH!!!!!!!!!! :-)

    (fyi…..with IE8…I kept getting that little yellow triangle with the explanation point in the bottom left hand corner of my computer and it would say things about Script errors and such. This would happen quite often with different programs….so if you are having the same nightmare….uninstalling XP service pack 3, restarting your computer, then uninstalling XP8…restarting your computer and then reinstalling XP7 DOES WORK — WOO-HOO! and Thank Goodness!)

    Links for Microsoft Instructions:

    (to uninstall the service pack 3)

    (to uninstall IE8)

  6. PS – Rob — you asked about not uninstalling the service pack.

    It is perfectly safe and in fact, you must, uninstall the service pack BEFORE you are able to uninstall IE8.

    Also – I forgot to mention — after you have uninstalled the SP3 and then IE8 — you can go to the microsoft support page and reinstall any and all updates. I just used the “Express” mode — and it worked perfectly.
    I can tell you — everything is running “back to normal” on my computer.
    It does take a while to do all this — but it will work.
    Believe me!! :)

    For Erica, you must reinstall IE7 for it to work properly.
    If all you did was uninstall IE8 and then did not reinstall IE7 and then run the windows updates, it won’t work properly. I really hope that helps. ;)

    Good luck!

  7. To Laney. I don’t have a remove button on XP SP3. Some people are saying I got a bad installation of it. I tried to remove IE8 again from the add/remove programs. I got another error.
    Copy Error-
    Setup cannot copy the file ieakmmc.chm.
    Ensure that the location specified below is correct, or change it and insert Windows NT Service Pack Unsinstall Directory in the drive you specify.
    I don’t have a recovery disk. This desktop is used and was bought as is from a computer store.

    I found something on for uninstalling IE8 and XP SP3. I was wondering what method should I use on these links.

    For Xp SP3-
    For IE8-

    If i do the system restore again, should I reinstall IE7 with SP3 still installed? I sorta needed to revert back IE6 for installation of some software though. How would I go about doing all of this?

  8. Is there a way just uninstall IE8 without unstalling XP SP3? Hopefully somebody out there can help me.

  9. Erica – sorry you are having so many troubles with this.
    Believe me – I can emphathize – but once it is solved – you will be sooo relieved!

    I’m not an expert, but I honestly do NOT believe that uninstalling XP SP3 will harm your computer at all.
    You will have the opportunity to reinstall it later, once you have reinstalled XP7.

    I’m a little confused.
    It seems like you question may be how to uninstall IE8 without uninstalling XP SP3 – and the only reason you are asking that — if I am reading correctly — is because you do not have a way to uninstall XP SP3 (no add/remove button because of some other error).

    If that is the case – I really am hoping someone out there can read this and help you.

    however, if you are able to follow the method you suggested ( – I would highly reccomend you follow these instructions – if your computer cooperates!
    Then — continue to follow the directions about getting the updates — which will include the xp sp3 updates.
    It’s OKAY to uninstall — because you will be getting the updates at the end.

    I did notice when I was uninstalling, I kept getting these messages/warnings (I got about 5-7 of them) – saying it couldn’t find something or along those lines. I just hit “okay” (in other words – ignored the warning) just so I could completed the un-installation — it seems like it took forever.
    So – if you the same “ding” and then warning — don’t worry — just say “okay” whatever — it’s just some weird computer lingo/mumbo/jumbo i guess.

    Once you are done uninstalling the service paks – you can then uninstall IE8 – then install IE7 and then the updates/ service paks.

    I really and truly hope this helps — a I know what pain and nightmare that IE8 can be.
    I have no problem with IE7 and like so many others, just wish I would have left well enuf alone! :)

    keep the board posted….so we know!!

  10. I uninstalled IE8, but now a password is demanded every time I start my lap-top. Clearly, this is an IE8 leftover. How do I get rid of it.

    PS I love Firefox.

  11. I uninstalled IE8, but now a password is demanded every time I start my lap-top. Clearly, this is an IE8 leftover. How do I get rid of it?

  12. I downloaded IE8 and didn’t like it so I then un installed it, but now every now and then on start up I get my homepage hijacked by a Microsoft run-one-time page that says install IE8, my default browser is switched to Microsoft Live search and about35 MSN, Microsoft and windows links are istalled into my favourites menu.
    I have switched everything back numerous times, deleted all the hijack favopurites several times and had a running dialogue with Microsoft Support for weeks and they can’t fix it either!

    Can any one tell me how to stop this from happening? PLEASE!

  13. I still need help here. Well, I got IE8 uninstalled but when I reinstalled IE7. It didn’t work properly. It opened up and closed on me. So i had to revert back to IE8 for now. The Sp3 has no remove button. What method from Microsoft can I use without harming the system? What did you all use to remove it? For me to to go back to IE7, I need XP Sp3 removed off of here. I will download it later but for now, I don’t want it…I’m hoping that Microsoft will put a fix out to download for this later down the road …so it will be easier to revert back to the older IE versions.

  14. I have tried all you have said to uninstall IE8. During removal I get the following…
    When trying to remove IE 8 using removal wizard it stops copying files at hmmapi.dll.mui

    To c:\program files \ internet explorer\en-us , then get box that says Copy Error
    Red X Setup cannot copy file hmmapi.dll.mui.
    Ensure that the location specified below is correct, or change it and insert ‘ Wubdiws NT Service Pack Uninstall Directory’ in drive you specify.
    Copy files from:
    In box below is says
    C:\WINDOWS\ie8 Then a box that has Browse…

    It looks like I need to find hmmapi.dll.mui. Any ideas what to do. I can’t install McAfee if I can’t get IE 8 removed and the old IE installed.

  15. Just deleting Windows Ie8 from add/remove programs on XP works just fine after a restart – Copy & paste problem resolved and back to Ie7 – Working fine – Cannot comment on Vista

  16. First, Thank you Franky for mentioning “hidden files”!!!!

    OMG! This IE8 is a total disaster. It was downloaded on my computer in error so I tried to remove it. 1 – I have Vista – what a joke! 2- it was NOT in add/remove programs 3-It was not in the updates either. 4 -I tried every help page I could find – nothing and I mean nothing was working. Then low and behold I see the post up there from Franky from Sept 24, 2008 with the mention of Hidden files. On Vista I found those hidden files( through help) and after I checked to view them, the files showed up on add/remove updates! (YEA) I found the application and was able to uninstall it. I rebooted, on restart it said it was completing 3 updates which scared me, but then it was FIXED!!!!! Oh thank you, thank you to all who’s little tidbits got me there. Good luck to other Vista users!

  17. Glarysoft Absolute Uninstaller freeware really works for getting rid of that I.E. 8 crap!

  18. Erica…About removing XP SP3, the way I read it you only have to remove it, if it was installed after you installed IE8. First you would uninstalled IE8, restart computer, then you should have a remove button for SP3 in the Add/Remove programs. If the remove button still is not there then it was install before IE7 was installed.

    After you uninstalled IE8, did you restart your computer? Also you might go to the microsoft website, there is a “fix it for me” section that I used on one of my laptops to uninstall IE8. It worked great and then IE7 was restored. I didn’t have to reinstall it or anything. Hope some of this helps.

    I’m still having a problem with my PC. I keep getting that file corpol.dll.000 is missing from the NT service pack uninstall directory and then the uninstall stops and won’t go any farther. The “fix it for me” didn’t work for this computer. I can’t find anything on microsofts website and I can’t find the file on my computer anywhere. Anybody have any suggestions.

  19. Omg I hated ie8 soooo much! My computer was running fine until I installed it. The internet would run soooo slow!! It would take literally 20 minutes to get to certain pages! I tried everything on here but nothing worked. All my files were missing so I finally called microsoft help line. I live in the u.s. so it was (866) 234-6020. And some nice guy from Indiana helped me get back to internet explorer 7. He used a tool called microsoft fix it.:)

  20. Yes, the instructions to execute the “spuninst.exe” in C:\Windows\IE8\ worked fine.

    Thanks for the advice; we’ll not be going near IE8 again for a while. Now happily back to IE6 and staying there. :)

  21. After uninstalling IE8, my Office 2003 installation started telling me that it is not authentic. After searching for a cure, I decided to just reinstall. So I uninstalled Office 2003 and reinstalled. Didn’t fix it. Great.

  22. My Windows vista update shows Failed for service pack 2,if I ugrade free to IE 8 will this be installed correctly? How do I remove a Failed update under recommendation staus

  23. Jeff Hawkins asking same question as Catherine jennifer fusco[jentilpet] service pack 2 has Failed,why and what do I do to fix the other Failed uopdates?Should I uograde to IE 8 if it has nothing new I can’t use anyway?

  24. I don’t know how to fix windows vista xp to fix {KB948465]Failoed update..why do i need to upgrade to IE windows vista Hiome basic ugrade,& is this free?

  25. If IE8 isn’t listed on windows updates,use this method:

    1. Carefully select and then copy the following command:
    2. Click Start, click Run, type cmd.exe, and then press ENTER.
    3. Right-click inside the cmd.exe window, and then click Paste to paste the command that you copied in step 1.
    4. Press ENTER to uninstall Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2. When the uninstall program is finished, restart your computer.

  26. I had issues with IE8 lagging so I uninstalled it and all went well. Then Microsoft had critical updates and I chose what I needed opting out of IE8. My computer got messed up big time. I tried to uninstall the updates in Add/Remove but they weren’t there. I used Belarc to see what downloads I was missing and the downloads weren’t there so I guess they’re in here somewhere. I tried System Restore which took me back to IE8 with a ‘no-addons’ setting which means I can’t even downlload anything cause the pop-up blocker/allow won’t show. I tried uninstalling it again and a bunch of files are missing one of which is in WINDOWS NT Uninstall Directory and I have no clue what that is but I know its not installed on here. I inherited this computer and I think that file is on a disk. Does anyone know how to get rid of this junk, or at least get me out of ‘no-addons’? Remember I have no tool bar to get to IE through. Thanx

  27. IE8 is a piece of sh*t, it installed itself without my permission, even tho automatic updates was turned off, none of the features such as over ride cookie handling work, my computer crashes at least once a day now, and locks up a 100 times a day, delete browsing history doesnt work unless you click on it over and over. Open ONE website and you will have 110 mbs of temp files on your computer, it blocks network and local service temp files so you cant delete them, it turns off my anti virus program and firewalls. It downloaded and installed EIGHT messenger programs. It contains a tracking program as well. It removed my intel drivers for my plug and play.

    You are told to download patch after patch then more patches to fix the problems with the patches – its time for a class action law suit against microsoft and Bill Gates, this is hacking, illegal trespass, invasion of privacy and rights, fraud, extortion, and misrepresentation, and interference with an individuals right to enjoy their life and participate in activities such as the internet. Microsoft has NO right to crash and destroy thousands of computers that belong to people who cant afford to replace them or get everything re-installed. I have a very small fixed income and I cant afford to hire someone to clean up this mess for me. I want Bill Gates to pay for what he has done.

  28. My machine will not come up because of IE8. The only way I can get to command prompt is using original windows CD. So, I am in command prompt. I can’t cd into program files because access is denied. I can’t run spuninst.exe, but I can see it and I know where it is. It says unknown command. I tried just to remove c:\program files\internet explorer but I don’t have permission (access denied). HOw do I get rid of IE8. I am using XP. Please Help..Shelley

  29. Can’t believe Microsoft is still having the same problems since 2006 & still no easy fix.Fixed income don’t want to replace computers every year or two. Too old to have to learn something new each time you change it. Been having a problem since mid-January. Blamed ISP because Microsoft said contact them. Updaates seem to be the culprit. Why are they installing the same updates(same numbers) every month. Can I uninstall duplicates or are they fixes for the originals?? and what about the speed?? response is unbelievably slOOOwwww. Crashes & freezes!!

  30. I’m having the exact same problem as Sea Shell Ay.

  31. cant delete IE8 to delete microsoft from browser any clues

    tried tools then inter ops but always goe to ms in default

  32. cant delete internet explorer cause i need permission from trustedinstaller

    windows went downhill from the time vista came out

    xp rules
    windows vista and windows 7 fucking suck donkey balls i liked it better when u could just delete a file without permissions like its ur fucking computer if bill gates had half a brain hes make it so u only needed permissions to delete change open ..ect if the command came from another ip adress other then your home

    like fuck im 16 and iv got better ideas then that douchbag

  33. use ANY ONE of these far superior browsers: Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari

    most of your issues will just evaporate if you just ignore IE for good

  34. In Re Comment by Tony on January 26, 2010 @ 4:15 am.

    None of what you posted is possible with IE any version.
    It doesnt have those capabilities, i would say youve been hijacked by some kind of malware etc, or someone has been messing with your computer.

    Even in windows update, IE is an optional download.

    Hopefuly since january you have found and fixed your problems, but IE didnt do all that.

  35. I am using my other computer right now. I uninstalled Internet Explorer 8 and now, when I turn my computer on, only the wallpaper shows up. No shortcuts, no quick launch bar, no start button! Only my mouse moves and a message appears that says”Explorer.EXE Unable to locate component
    This application has failed to start because iertutil.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.” But I can’t access anything! Please help!

  36. i tried to uninstall ie8. i opened add & remove i found ie8 but there wasn’t remove button

  37. I found a way to remove it without removing SP3 in XP!
    Step 1: Disable WFP with the program on
    Step 2: Go to C:\Program Files and delete the folder Internet Explorer and empty the Recycle Bin
    Step 3: Install IE7
    Step 4: Turn WFP back on (if you want)

  38. I’d like to uninstall IE period, no reinstalling at the next update (without asking and without options) and no replacing it with an earlier version.

    I use Firefox and Opera, that’s allI need, is there any hope?

    Got XP on one PC, Windows 7 on a second PC.

  39. I found something on for uninstalling IE8 and XP SP3. I was wondering what method should I use on these links.
    For Xp SP3-
    For IE8-
    If i do the system restore again, should I reinstall IE7 with SP3 still installed? I sorta needed to revert back IE6 for installation of some software though. How would I go about doing all of this? convert to mp4

  40. sir this is yamini i am trying to uninstall ie8 but in controlpanel remove/add is not showing, thats why i installed uinstaller software , but how to delete ie8 i cant understand it is not showing clearly ie8, how to find it remove pls tell me,and i want to install internet explorer 7, when iam trying to install ie7 it is showing , setup cannot continue because a more recent version internet explorer detected from your computer , why it was , pls solve my two problems , pls tell me how to intstall permanently that software

  41. What Uninstall button ? There is NO uninstall icon on my IE 8 but exists/is functional for everything else !

  42. thanks Matt

  43. If you do not find Windows Internet Explorer 8 in the Add or Remove Programs list then follow the below alternate method:

    1) Go to Start.
    2) Click on run
    3) Type cmd and press Enter.
    4) Copy this : %windir%\ie8\spuninst\spuninst.exe
    5) Right click on the cmd window and click on Paste
    6) Press Enter

    IE8 is uninstalled. Restart your computer.

  44. I like Windows 7. Generally, if one version of windows is good, then the next is not, vice versa.

    But this time, I am pretty sure that Windows 8 will be very good!

    Lets wait and see…

  45. Need help please…my widows wont open so I can uninstall it..i have performed all the recovery actions I think but it wont let me get to the point of putting in my pass word..i even tried starting in safe mode nothing seems to work do anyone have and idea.thanks

  46. windows vista crashed and my friend changed my os to windows xp when he fixed it.again it crashed and am back to vista.i did it myself using the recovery disc.
    my problem now is my built in webcam is no longer working.i could not even find it anywhere in my system.
    please help.

  47. Thanks for this post, i will try that.

  48. Can not uninstalled Explorer 8
    Windows XP SP3

    I followed instructions 1 to 5:

    To uninstall Internet Explorer 8, follow these steps:
    1. Carefully select and then copy the following command:
    2. Click Start, and then click Run.
    3. In the Open box, type Cmd.exe, and then press Enter.
    4. Right-click inside the Cmd.exe window, and then click Paste to paste the command that you copied in step 1.
    5. Press Enter to uninstall Internet Explorer 8.
    6. After the program is removed, restart your computer.

    The following window appeared:

    Use this wizard to remove the following software update
    Windows Internet Explorer release Candidate 1
    To continue click next.

    I did and got:

    “Setup cannot copy the file hmmapi.dll.mui.
    Ensure that the location specified below is correct, or change it and insert “Windows NT service pack Uninstall directory” in the drive you specify.”

    The hmmapi.dll.mui file can be found in folder ie8(2).
    Ie8(2) has a folder called spuninst but it is empty, so when I change the path to read
    %windir%\ie8(2)\spuninst\spuninst.exe It obviously does not work.

    I also tried uninstalling Windows Internet Explorer release Candidate 1 using the add/remove program from the control panel with exactly the same result.

    Any suggestions?

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