Jul 272008

IE7Pro is a fully loaded feature rich for Internet Explorer 7. IE7 in itself is a much better browser when it comes to feature and ease of use and an addon like IE7Pro can only make things better.

IE7Pro includes a lot of features and tweaks to make IE7 friendlier, useful, secure and customizable.

Features include

Tabbed Browsing Management/Tab history browser

Allows you to open a closed tab, save a tab, clear tab history, autoscroll and auto refresh the current tab and so on

Proxy Switcher

In a multiuser environment, this is a great feature to swith proxies in just a right-click 

Spell Checker

Inline Search & Google sponsored search

Super Drag Drop

Crash Recovery

Mouse Gesture

Web Accelerator and prefetch settings for sites and DNS

User Agent Switcher

Webpage Capturer

AD and Flash Blocker

Greasemonkey like User Scripts platform

User Plug-ins, MiniDM

Download Manager

Once installed, IE7Pro loads into the bottom right corner of the browser and at right-click you can control all of the features.

IE7Pro in action

To download IE7Pro, click here

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