Mar 222008

A quick tip for those who choose to trial the Internet Explorer 8 Beta browser. Those who installed Internet Explorer 8 beta would have realised some of their favorite website just don’t work anymore. To name a few Yahoo!Mail new interface and a bunch of Microsoft sites like Windows Live mail and their own Windows update website. Quite odd though Windows Update site thinks that we use an older version of the browser and suggest you to use a latest version. I would have expected Microsoft to make their websites all compatible with Internet Explorer 8.

Anyway, Microsoft thought this well and have provided you with an option to emulate “Internet Explorer 7″ so as to make the websites that are not compatible with IE8 to work. yes, there is an option called “IE7 Emulation mode”. When you experience a problem, just a click on a button and restart of the browser takes you back to IE7. Great feature to support soon to be legacy interfaces.

To switch to Internet Explorer 7 Emulation mode, click on the “7″ icon the browser or click “Tools – IE7 Emulation” and click OK on the message box which indicates you need to restart the browser. Once you restart the browser, you are in IE7.

IE7 Emulation Mode in IE8
When you are happy to switch back to IE8 default, simply click the same “7″ icon and click OK in the message box and restart the browser. Yeah..back in Internet Explorer 8 default mode.

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  1. That button dont appear on mine :(

  2. Those links are not on IE8; do they appear in later version?

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