Sep 202010

For those who hasn't noticed, Microsoft has quietly released beta version of Internet Explorer 9 and is available for download for all users. Apart from the known functional features like HTML 5 support, theres a lot more to look for from IE9. Let's have a quick look at what's in the new browser.

Slimmer, Sleaker, Faster browser

At first look, Internet Explorer 9 is a copy cat of Google Chrome, in that it has stripped down all the Menu bar, the toolbars to give the browser the simple look and ofcourse more space for the websites themselves. Microsoft has also removed a lot of clutter from the startup making it less bloated and faster to load and definitely improved performance. Interestingly, it even gives a list of addons that take more time and makes the browser loading slower with an option to disable the offending addon. Throw in an option to change the threshold time beyond which if an addon takes time to load then the browser reports and that is a very useful feature.

User Friendly IE9

With Internet Explorer 9, you can pin a website to the Taskbar just like pinning Internet Explorer or Windows Media Player to the Taskbar.

Not only that you can jump list on the pinned website to various links on the website.

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Also, shows multiple tabs on a single IE window as seperate IE window thumbnails on the Taskbar

The menu structures are simple as well, literally 3 icons on the browser and then that pops out with various menus.

Caret Browsing

This is interesting! While browsing a website, if you are a advanced, user you find it useful to use your keyboard keys like arrow keys and home key on a website to navigate than taking the effort to use a mouse.  Simply press F7 key to enable it and again to disable it if not required.

Developers,Administrators have fun!

The browser definitely has given a hand for the developers with much improved tools and so to System administrators as well. IE9 allows administrators and developers to capture website to understand the stuff works in the background. This eliminates the need to download and install addons or pricey software

All these makes browsing definetely easy. There's lot more to test and while I test and find more on the browser, you can test too the new Internet Explorer 9 browser. IE9 can be downloaded from here and installed but only on Windows 7 and Windows Vista and sadly not on Windows XP. I hope its because most of the IE9 features revolve around the GUI improvements on Windows 7 and Vista and not to force Windows XP out of existence.

Watch out this space!!! and please post your experience with IE9 here…


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