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By default windows vista doesn’t show Internet Explorer icon in your desktop.If you want to add an icon for IE to the desktop in Windows Vista follow this procedure.

Go to start—>run—>type regedit click ok

Navigate to the following registry key from left pane


In the right-hand pane, add a new 32-bit DWORD value as follows

key (DWORD 32-bit): {871C5380-42A0-1069-A2EA-08002B30309D}
Value: 0

Close the Registry Editor and refresh your desktop


Simple download this .reg file and right click click on merge

After that you can try these extra steps

Right click on the task bar, you will see the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties. Click the Start Menu tab. Make sure the Start Menu radio button is checked and then choose Customize. Then you will see Customize Start Menu. Toward the bottom of the box you will see Use Default Settings, immediately beneath that you will see Show on Start Menu and beneath that you will see two check boxes. Make sure Internet Link is checked and in the drop down box choose Internet Explorer.

In the Start Menu, right click on the Internet Explorer icon and choose Internet Properties. Click on the Programs tab. The last option in the Programs tab is Internet Programs. Choose Set Programs, then choose set program access and computer defaults, if you are prompted to stop or continue, choose continue, you will see Microsoft Programs, Non Microsoft and Custom. Click the Custom Radio button. The first option is Choose a Default browser, click the Internet Explorer radio button and then click OK and then click out of all open windows.

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