Mar 182008

While we all know Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) is still in early beta release and has much of feature enhancements. One of the new great features in Internet Explorer 8 is “WebSlices”.

As the name implies, “WebSlices” is a new feature for websites that enables users to subscribe to content directly within a webpage. WebSlices behave just like feeds in that users can subscribe to them and receive update notifications when the content changes. Websites are polled at user-defined intervals, similar to the way RSS feeds are polled.

“WebSlices” enables you to monitor information while you move around the web than have to visit regularly to receive updates. With a click in the Favorites bar, you see “WebSlice” visuals from your favorite website.

Ok. Let’s playing with it. eBay hosts a IE8 supported website showcasing the features of IE8 with what they have an offer.

Visit eBays IE8 website here

There you can see “eBay Webslice”

Start searching for something. Lets say Nokia 6300 phone

Internet Explorer IE8 webslice in eBay
When the search results come up, moving your mouse on any of the items pops up a “webSlice” icon to the left of the product.

IE8 Webslices Icon
Click on the icon that brings up an option to add the “Webslice” to your browser. Clicking Add will add it to the “Links” in your favorites.

IE8 Webslices Add

Next time when you click on it from within your Internet Explorer 8 browser it brings up a nice visually rich window with the product you wanted to checkon without having to visit eBay.

IE8 Webslices in Action

Clicking open will open the item on the eBay website.

That is a lovely feature and I like that. Hope you do!!!

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