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Error “Windows has blocked this software because it cannot verify the publisher” when you try to access a website which tries to install addons or run executables like installation CAB files.

By default Internet Explorer disable running unsigned ActiveX controls. Unsigned activeX controls are programs that tries to execute a command on your PC, like CAB install files or a ZIP file which do not have a digital signature.

While this is an important security measure on the Internet Explorer browser, if you are sure that the website is a trusted one then you can temporarily disable this security feature to get the website run the required ActiveX and later on re-enable the security.

To disable this feature,

1. Open internet explorer, click Tools – Internet Options.

2. Click the Security tab – Custom Level button.

Security Settings

ActiveX Security

Under ActiveX ensure the following are set to enabled

Run ActiveX and plug-ins – Enabled

Download Signed ActiveX Control – Enabled

Script ActiveX controls marked as safe for scripting – Enabled

Set the following to “Prompt

Download unsigned ActiveX Control – Prompt

Initialize and script ActiveX controls not mark as safe – Prompt

3. Click OK and Apply and OK. Restart the browser.

You should now be able to run the ActiveX control on the website. As I said earlier, please ensure that you have the above to what it was before.

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  49 Responses to “Windows has blocked this software because it can’t verify the publisher”

  1. so many times i stand behind ms when others gripe but stuff like this is ridiculous. I really get closer and closer to linux on a regular.

  2. doesn’t work, I still get the “Windows has blocked this software because it cannot verify the publisher” message
    clearly it’s not possible to get past these ridiculous fascist “security” settings
    if only windows was this good at solving REAL security issues as opposed to blocking us from doing day to day tasks

  3. Worked great for me – thanks!

    And yes, windows should not protect us from ourselves, but concentrate on protecting their software from others….

  4. Does’nt work for me either. Windows is blocking the active-x installation.

  5. I figured this out.

    Don’t do this unless you are absolutely sure this is a Trusted Site

    Add the page (preferably an internal IP address) into your Trusted Sites.
    Tools/Internet Options/Security/Trusted Sites/Sites
    Add the web site. You may have to un-check
    Request server verification (https:)

    Then go back to the Security page, Make sure the Trusted Zone is still selected
    At the bottom in the section
    Security Level for this zone
    Move the Bar to Low

    This will allow you to install the software, but will give you warning prompts.

    After the install you can Restore the Security settings back to Default Level

    I take no responsibility if this screws up your machine.
    I just know it worked for me

  6. Even putting site into Trusted Zones and reducing security level to low still doesn’t work. But the strange thing is Google Chrome has no problems at all. Instant load of page and data requested.
    Although warning talks about Windows security it must be something in IE that is cauing the block because Chrome works.


  7. In IE7, add the site to the trusted list, then click Custom, and change “Download unsigned ActiveX controls” from Disabled to Enabled or Prompt.

  8. Hi
    I have tried all possible things like go to ->Tools->Security options and select proper Webzone for all 4 options. It didn’t worked. I have also go to Site tab and defined my trusted site but all gone in vain.
    I have checked option in Tool -> Advanced tab -> Security option but all time a popup prompt install Digital certficate. After intall it gives error of Runtime js exception that it could not support Digital Certificate features.
    Now, what could i do next ???

  9. Great info – Works for me

  10. Try removing the check box for “protected mode”, this worked for me for an unsigned setup i needed. Despite being in a trusted zone and low settings.

    You have to restart IE every time you dork with these settings btw, otherwise you are just wasting your time.

  11. After messing with these options for quite awhile I could not view my security cams. I was attempting to view DVR cameras thru a VPN using IP and its integrated web server. My issue was I needed to install activex and download a file from a unsigned provider.
    My solution
    I put all my levels to low and unchecked the protected mode.
    After restarting IE I was able to view the cameras.
    Solution 2 Download IE TAB for firefox, add the IP as a site you wish to always use a IE tab for and bingo no issues no BS and it will always switch the rendering engine automatically.
    Never use IE and if you have to never surf the web with setting on low. You will catch a virus fast.
    Hope this may help someone

  12. Hi guys !!!
    I’ve had a nightmare with this prob, goggled 1000 sites for finding and answer ! everybody tells hell of suggestions but nothing worked !!!
    Trust me take a deep breath cuz this is gonna work !!! yeah !!!!

    01. Tools > Internet Options > Security & click “Local intranet” from there go to “Custom level…”
    scrolldown & under “ActiveX controls and plug-ins” enable all activex options
    & hit “OK” then it will quite that window and you’ll return to the Security window again
    Now still selected “Local intranet” click “Sites” button
    tick checkbox “Automatically detect intranet network” (default is checked)
    now click “Advanced” button
    from there “Add” your address(add that site you couldn’t opened yet {in mycase it was a remote camera access prob}) then close window
    hit “OK” Local intranet windows > & main window(Internet options) hit “OK”
    thats it, CHECK NOW !!!,
    everything works smoothly !!
    Tested on Clean installed XP / Vista / Win7 X86 & X32 both
    Tested IE versions 6,7,8 !!!

    Hope this saved you lot !!

  13. You are the man.

  14. Worked perfectly! Thank you so much!

  15. Tried everything. Amila’s solution worked! Whew!

  16. OK I think I figured out why those of you are still having problems…You may be using IE 64bit. It didn’t work for me till I switched to the 32bit.

  17. Hello,

    addon i can install, but why he does’t run on IE8 (windows 7, vista SP2 and XP pro SP3).
    i can start addon just on IE7 :( where is the problem ? and what is the difference?
    addon is for Multi-channel Disk Recording System and i can’t
    view cameras on IE8 :(
    PLZ HELP !!!


  18. Hi,

    I got round this problem by installing firefox. Once installed and on the website firefox will request to install the missing plug-ins. Install the plug-ins,in my case it turned out to be java and then try opening the same website in IE8.

    Hopefully this should work.



  19. I couldn’t load a military email (ako webmail). Tried the above and nothing works. Loads fine on firefox and google chrome. Just one more reason to ditch IE!

  20. Jason way 100% works in my vista ie8 thnx J

  21. @Jason Thanks man! It work.

  22. Oops, I meant thanks to @Amelia.

  23. work for me. Been trying for months. Thanks

  24. Just managed to fix my problem. I had tried all the solutions given by you lot above but still didnt have luck with the issue.

    My issue was to do with Java, i downloaded the lastest Java and my page loaded fine.

    just another solution for you lot to try as it took me ages to fix this issue.

  25. Hi All, if you are using with local network, pls remember to move from internet to local net, and remember to restart IE everytime.

  26. Thanks a lot!!!!
    It’s really helpful

  27. great… thank you very much.

    my problem solved

  28. Does anyone have a solution for this problem on windows 2008 R@ x64. Tried all the above and no luck.
    I have a print server that i would like to view the printer web page and HP printers require Activex.

  29. thanks jason, it really helps.

  30. I am using vista with IE 7 and computer freezes everytime I try to access the IP cam. If I use firefox it works fine but I dont have the multi device option with firefox. XP with IE works fine just not vista with IE. Any suggestions?

  31. can anyone tell how to install multiview in window 7

  32. After combining several suggestions, the site finally displays the video. Thanks.

  33. Jason ….. thanks a ton… you’ve done it man…. amazing

  34. Thx much works Perfect !!! Windows 7 with IE 8

  35. I tried Amila’s suggestion, and it worked perfectly, till it got stuck on “Downloading Components” after downloading 100%. I also tried Jason’s suggestions, installing Firefox and IE Tab, but after username and password, it says Camera not ready, but I know it is because I can get on with Win. XP and look at it. I’m on Win. 7 right now and will also try Vista later. Any more suggestions to finish the process? Appreciate the help.

  36. After struggling with this problem for over a year, YES, thanks, I got passed the rediculous “windows blocked this software…” bs message…I trusted the software…very frustrating…but FINALLY I stumbled on this site!!! THANKS TO ALL!

  37. Thank you so much Jason… You are the MAN! :) Thanks a ton! It Worked !

  38. Hi,

    Thanks a lot, this post help me solve my problem about installing a software made by an unsigned publisher. It took me hours on setting up the internet options of IE8 just to accept the software that I want to install. Good thing I have entered the right keywords to use on google and I have found your post on google’s serps. Thanks a lot. :)

  39. Hi, as Kevin mentioned here. None of the solutions published here works for Windows 2008 x64. Does anyone know how to bypass this problem on Windows 2008 x64 R2?

  40. i’d tried this step but can’t solve my trouble on my laptop.
    more option also tried but still no result.
    i’m keen on ur answere


  41. Excellent , first tyme i felt happy for getting the fix at one shot.

  42. Was almost there with all the advice on here, so many thanks. Still had a final problem with windows 7 running IE9 (32bit); windows has found a problem with this file: DVM_IPCam2.ocx.

    Anyway advice at this point from Foscam did the trick:

    In Internet Explorer, please click Tools > Internet Options > Advanced tab > Security section > then check the box which states “Allow software to run or install even if the signature is invalid.”


  43. i have install win 7 32 bit, after i install java i canot add ant network printer or print servers on my pc.
    prior to install java i can connect and load my network printer which is rediding on my 2003 server, and i have
    d-link print servers.
    thank you

  44. Hi

    I installed chrome\installed java as chrome requested, closed chrome down, opened ip IE and the site I was trying to get into worked like a bomb.

    Just letting you know

  45. On security/internet custom level: change download signed active X controls to enable and unsigned active X controls to enable. Disregard all the windows warnings and go
    Install the Java addin to either IE or Firefox for your version. Correct the active X control choices back to their secure options and everything should work.

  46. Thank you. it helped me.



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